Pulselocker Announces First On-Demand Streaming and Subscription Music Service for DJs

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DJs enjoy unprecedented freedom to stream, try and buy music Artists can earn royalties three separate ways

DJs no longer have to spend money on a track they only play once or buy an entire library just to stay current.

Pulselocker (http://www.pulselocker.com), the first on-demand streaming and subscription music service for DJs, today unveiled the public beta launch of a revolutionary music platform that ushers in a new way for DJs and music aficionados to experience greater freedom in how they play, listen to and buy music. Pulselocker lets DJs stream over a million full-length tracks, try the ones they want to play out, and buy the ones they love – all in an easy-to-use application for Mac OS X®.

“DJs have always been forced to pay a set price for music, but staying current with the latest releases is expensive. Additionally, digital download retailers only offer 120-second sample previews, which makes buying new music unpredictable and risky,” said Alvaro G. Velilla, CEO and co-founder of Pulselocker. “Pulselocker was purpose-built for the next generation DJ and gives the unprecedented freedom to discover and enjoy music in new ways. DJs no longer have to spend money on a track they only play once or buy an entire library just to stay current.”

Pulselocker revolutionizes the music ecosystem by empowering DJs with three ways to experience music:

  •     Freedom to DJ tracks before they buy:

Pulselocker’s patent-pending digital locker, code-named directdrive, lets DJs download and play music from Pulselocker’s library – before they decide to buy. The locker is a computer folder that securely stores music DJs can play on popular mixing applications, including Native Instruments Traktor™, Serato Scratch Live™, Serato Itch™ and Serato DJ Intro™.
Encoded in high quality, DRM-free 320kbps AAC/M4A format, tracks can be freely moved between the locker and Pulselocker’s quickly expanding, DJ-oriented catalog.

Locker sizes range from 10-1000 tracks, depending on subscription tier. Once downloaded, all tracks can be played at will without an Internet connection.

  •     On-demand streaming:

Listen to full-length songs from Pulselocker’s DJ-oriented catalog, so DJs can discover the music that resonates with them. Unlike streaming providers like Spotify™ and Pandora™, any track from Pulselocker’s catalog can be DJ’ed on approved mixing applications.

  •     Buy only the tracks they love:

Pulselocker’s online store makes it easy for DJs to buy only the music they want to keep in a fast and convenient way.

“While technologies driving music consumption have evolved, the traditional digital download experience has not seen any innovation since its inception,” said Jeff Straw, director of marketing services at INgrooves Fontana. “Pulselocker’s proprietary locker technology is the first to bridge licensed content from record labels to popular digital DJ performance applications. It gives DJs a revolutionary way to discover and perform new tracks in a cost effective manner that suits their voracious appetite for music. I have no doubt that Pulselocker is the next big thing in the DJ world.”

Curation by the DJ – Not the industry

Pulselocker’s innovation carries into the new music discovery process. Powered by crowdsourced data from their user community, Pulselocker’s socially driven music discovery engine delivers more tailored recommendations that better suit DJs’ needs. Users can vote, rate and tag tracks from Pulselocker’s catalog to improve category accuracy and reduce time spent searching for new music.

Triple monetization for artists and labels

Through Pulselocker’s industry-first monetization strategy, artists and labels have three distinct ways to earn money from their current and back catalog. Pulselocker pays an escalating royalty rate each time a subscriber streams a track, stores it in their locker to play offline, or buys it outright.

Additionally, Pulselocker directly addresses the problem of piracy in the independent music sector. Pulselocker’s subscription model and easy-to-use platform provide an unmatched experience that makes music acquisition faster and safer than torrents, and more affordable than file hosting sites.

“Today’s music business is plagued by rampant piracy, opaque licensing deals and paltry payouts,” said Ryan Walsh, CTO and lead strategist of Pulselocker. “As DJs and producers, we understand the pains today’s artists and labels face and built a model to help put money back into their pockets.”

Catalog – Size Matters

Pulselocker has signed partnerships with the industry’s biggest and most relevant independent aggregators, including INgrooves Fontana, The Orchard, Believe Digital, PIAS, Valleyarm, Virtual Label, Republic of Music, SRD and Essential Music. With the daily addition of new partners, labels and artists, Pulselocker promises to offer nearly 5 million tracks by the end of the year.

Pulselocker offers a rich, eclectic and well-balanced catalog of music that resonates with all DJs, regardless of the genre they play. DJs can enjoy a constantly widening spectrum of music ranging from Electronic, Hip-Hop/R&B, Reggae, Funk, Rare Groove and Jazz.

Pricing and Availability:

The public beta version of Pulselocker is currently available for Mac OS X® users in the US, Canada and the European Union. The first 10,000 people to sign up will receive a free 60-day trial with a 100-track capacity locker and unlimited on-demand streaming. To sign-up, visit http://www.pulselocker.com.

Pulselocker monthly subscription tiers accommodate DJs and music aficionados of all budgets. Starting at $9.99 for a 10-track locker, tiers range from $14.99 for 50-tracks, $24.99 for 100-tracks, $34.99 for 200-tracks, and $69.99 for 1000-tracks.

Pulselocker is a preview of new features and capabilities that will be offered in the final release, expected in early 2013.

About Pulselocker:
Pulselocker is a music streaming and subscription service that lets DJs and music aficionados play millions of tracks, with the most popular mixing applications, online or off. With Pulselocker, DJs can stream full-length tracks, try new music before they buy, and buy the tracks they want to keep. Additionally, Pulselocker gives artists and labels new ways to monetize their current and back catalog. Based in San Francisco, Pulselocker is funded by Grammy award-winning artist, Ben Harris of Dirty Vegas.

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