Website Expanded to Raise Awareness About the Cruelty at Puppy Mills and to Help End the Suffering of Dogs

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How a one-page website with a list of charitable animal rescue groups evolved into an active non-profit project aiming to educate people about the cruel conditions at commercial dog breeding facilities - also known as puppy mills - and to offer solutions to help save man's best friends from men.

Keeping a dog in a cage forever is legal.

The reason I run this website is because I want to fight against cruelty to dogs and raise awareness that they should be treated with respect rather than as disposable commodity

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Announcing the re-launch of Donate To Dogs, an educational website focusing on raising awareness about cruelty to animals and providing easy-to-follow tips to visitors about purchasing puppies and responsible dog ownership.

The website is run by Zoltan Wagner, a 28-year-old Toronto, ON resident, as a non-profit project to save dogs from pointless suffering. Zoltan is not associated or affiliated with animal rescue groups or organizations and does not accept donations himself. So why does he spend time and money to help dogs? "The reason I run this website is because I want to fight against cruelty to dogs and raise awareness that they should be treated with respect rather than as disposable commodity", says Zoltan, who especially detests puppy mills and chaining dogs and encourages people to donate to dog rescue organizations who are helping the helpless.

Cruelty to dogs is rampant around the world, taking place in closed-off backyards, private properties, and remote farms called puppy mills. Most of us would never dream of hurting a dog, and like to think that people, including breeders, treat their pets well but don't be fooled by what you see: just because pet-storefront puppies are so cute and fluffy, tens of thousands of dogs live every day of their lives in inhumane conditions. They are the parents of the cute and fluffy puppies.

A puppy mill is a commercial breeding operation where dogs are bred under horrific conditions, purely for profit. The breeders don't care about the dogs' health and well-being. Dogs are generally bred in their first heat cycles and then twice a year after that, giving birth to a dozen litters before they get too old, around the age of five. Then they are killed or simply left to die. Their feet never touched grass during their miserable lives. They are kept in tiny cages their entire lives, in which they freeze in the winter and swelter in the summer. In addition, these dogs often go blind and lose their teeth and frequently develop painful diseases.

The puppies of these dogs are shipped to pet stores or sold online. Purchasing dogs from pet stores or over the Internet supports "backyard breeders".

But perhaps the most saddening part of puppy mills is that the general public doesn't realize that puppy mills are not illegal. People think that puppy mills can be shut down simply because what they are, and that is not true. The Canadian and American Kennel Clubs state that all a dog needs is access to food, water, shelter and a proper-sized cage. The reality is that there are hundreds of puppy mills following the Kennel Code and the sight of them would make everyone cringe.

In order to fight against puppy mills the laws have to change. It is a bitter struggle, however, because the pet industry has great power and influence but together, people have the power to change the laws. Asking politicians for laws that protect animals and spreading the word about cruelty to dogs are effective ways to put an end to the cycle of pain.

Another way one can help is to refuse buying pups from pet stores. Adopting dogs is a great alternative and it not only helps fight puppy mills it also helps animal shelters. Not to mention that adopted dogs are the most grateful animals on earth.

Learn what you can do to save dogs from suffering - it is surprising to find out that the most effective ways to help are free and don't take much effort. People tend to think that animal rights activists will take care of everything but it is important that everyone gets involved and helps a little. Remember the quote from Edmund Burke? "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing".

The terms "puppy mill", "backyard breeder" and "pet store" are general terms and do not refer to any one business, establishment or organization.


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