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KnowWare International Inc. announces Jay Arthur’s revised book on Lean Six Sigma DeMYsTiFieD

Many people have been trained in Lean Six Sigma: 1.5 million green belts, 250,000 black belts, but are companies getting the ROI they hoped for? In some cases yes, others no.

KnowWare International Inc. announces Jay Arthur’s revised book on Lean Six Sigma DeMYsTiFieD. Readers say: I’m glad there’s a book that cuts through the theory and gets down to business. I love what you wrote: ‘ a money belt: someone who can find ways to make dramatic improvements in speed and quality that translate into cost savings or more sales because of improved performance.’ Thank you! I have learned more from your book than the other 3 six sigma books I have read.

Over the last 20 years, Jay has found that a handful of methods and tools will solve most of the performance problems facing both manufacturing and services businesses. Unlike most other books, Lean Six Sigma DeMYsTiFieD reveals how to use the right tools in the right order to maximize results while minimizing the costs. Jay reveals how Post-it™ Notes can eliminate unnecessary delays and how control charts, pareto charts and fishbone diagrams can eliminate most defects in any business operation. He even uses it in his own company to simplify, streamline and optimize performance.

Jay Arthur says: “Most Six Sigma books focus on all of the formulas required to solve every possible problem in every possible industry—formulas that discourage most people from even considering Six Sigma. With Excel-based software like the QI Macros, you don’t need to know the formulas to start making breakthrough improvements.” The book includes a 90-day trial of the software.

The QI Macros are an add-in for Microsoft Excel that automate all of the charts and diagrams required for statistical process control (SPC) and Lean Six Sigma. The QI Macros consist of four parts: 1) 30 charts and two “Chart Wizards” that use existing Excel data to create pareto, control charts, and histograms; 2) over 90 fill-in-the-blank templates for Lean Six Sigma; 3) a Statistics Wizard that automatically analyzes data; and 4) data transformation tools like the PivotTable Wizard that automates data analysis.

Lean Six Sigma DeMySTiFied (2nd) from McGraw-Hill will simplify, streamline and accelerate any Lean Six Sigma implementation, generating bottom-line, profit-enhancing results immediately. Jay has put a companion Lean Six Sigma “Money Belt” training course on YouTube.

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