QuestKeys Revolutionizes Advertising World with the Power of HyperTransfer Engine Technology: Online Advertising Will Never be the Same

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QuestKeys releases technology that usurps the advertising capabilities of Google, MySpace, and Yahoo combined. Now advertisers can reach anyone and everyone with an internet connection using HyperTransfer Engine Technology.

There is no question that the technology is revolutionary. It is now just a matter of sharing it with the wider public.

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Advertisers have an alternative to targeting limited audiences online via individual websites: they can now reach everyone at once by using the newest in internet navigational systems, QuestKeys.

QuestKeys utilizes HyperTransferEngine (HTE) Technology created by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen. HTE technology forms universal bookmarks for the entire world-wide-web using any word, symbol, or phrase. For example, "g" transfers to, ":)" transfers to, and "btv" transfers to Barack TV. QuestKey is the nickname given for each universal bookmark: g, :), and btv. "What's your QuestKey?" is the official company motto.


Each questkey transfers to a user-defined URL. In between the transfer users glimpse a 1 second advertisement which may last several seconds depending on the duration of load time for the transfer URL. Every advertisement runs for 1 hour guaranteeing ample viewing opportunity. Because questkeys are free and increase the functionality of internet user experience, social network diehards get more done online and faster by using the questkey "my" to transfer to MySpace and "mysearch" to transfer to the "Find Friends" link on MySpace. Similarly, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo users questkey "fb," "g", and "y" to get to sites faster.

The success of social networks and search engines is precisely what makes Questkeys successful. When internet users spend anywhere from minutes to hours searching the web they can literally create global bookmarks to remember, share, and revisit sites. Thus, questkeys makes internet usage both quicker and more efficient ¾ not to mention, more fun.

Time users spend online translates to time spent viewing the advertisements through QuestKeys because QuestKeys simplifies internet navigation. Advertisers now have access to the entire world-wide-web audience through QuestKeys and its HTE technology.


Beyond its advertising capabilities QuestKeys can be used to save lives. Individuals with heart disease, epilepsy, or other health conditions can create questkeys that point to their medical information such as prescription medications and/or allergies. For security they can attach a password to their questkeys and keep the information on bracelets or dog tags. Thus, first-responders can treat individuals efficiently and accurately with the aid of QuestKeys.

Moreover, millions of people can benefit from the ability to share common information instantaneously via QuestKeys technology. For instance, the quest key "US" transfers straight to the Homeland Security Advisory System website and offers the latest information on America's current threat level for travelers at home and overseas. Questkeys "Are You Ready?" and "Ready" transfer to the Ready America page on the website. Now alerting citizens to important information for the safety of themselves and their country is only a questkey away.

Should the website require some scheduled downtime the questkey can temporarily point to, or any other URL, until is available again. Essentially the questkey itself never changes but where it points to (the URL) can change instantaneously with QuestKeys editing features.


Downloadable files and drivers to key programs and applications are reachable from anywhere in the world by utilizing the customizability of questkeys. The user-defined paths make the job easier for engineers and professionals who need to retrieve applications and documents while on the road. Likewise everyday businesspersons can simplify their online networking by sharing questkeys for software, mp3s, plug-ins, ActiveX, documents, and more. Everyday users enjoy the more entertaining sides of QuestKeys such as watching trailers, music videos, TV shows and films online by entering a single questkey .


The gaming industry, and basically all retailers, can generate more sales with questkeys that lead directly to product pages and purchase pages rather than losing potential customers to a sea of links. Mr. and Mrs. Allen affirm, "Knowing that knowledge is power QuestKeys provides the technology necessary to get everyone on the same page."


With QuestKeys you literally will be on the same page as everyone else. Whether for personal, private, or professional use QuestKeys makes sharing, remembering, and finding information online easier than ever before. You can even add the technology into to your toolbar. With QuestKeys installed in your browser you can transfer between websites effortlessly visiting a record 22 sites within 60 seconds. QuestKeys creator Daniel Allen says, "There is no question that the technology is revolutionary. It is now just a matter of sharing it with the wider public."


To expand on the already popular usage of QuestKeys among students and business professionals, and to begin focusing on the next evolution of communications and robotics technologies, the creators are looking to outsource the in-between-advertising to the likes of Fox, Universal, CBS, Clear Channel, and other media moguls for the next 5 years.


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