QuestNet Recognised as a Caring Corporate Citizen

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“Greed is Good,” exclaimed Gordon Gekko in the Hollywood take on the stock market and trading (Wall Street, released in 1987). The film is a seminal classic, but would this sentiment find favour today?

“Greed is Good,” exclaimed Gordon Gekko in the Hollywood take on the stock market and trading (Wall Street, released in 1987). The film is a seminal classic, but would this sentiment find favour today?

During the heady and hedonistic eighties, these viewpoints found a lot of support due to the then common corporate and social culture. However, with present day attitudes, a perspective such as this would not find such broad appeal with the modern audience.

Changing corporate culture

In the 22 years since Wall Street hit the silver screen, we have witnessed many changes and advances in corporate society and governance. Corporate entities and companies seem to have found a genuine conscience and a social ‘voice’. Terms such as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) are no longer just buzz terms that pay ‘lip service’, but are in fact agents of real change and a developing understanding amongst the corporate world that community service and ‘giving back’ is not just nice to have, but in fact a duty. As global organisations realise their increasing impact on the environment and the societies in which they operate, they are realising that it is part of their obligation to not only answer to their shareholders, but to the community at large.

As awareness is raised globally amongst corporate bodies and multinationals, we can switch on the news to see yet more examples of companies showing that greed is not good, and as a policy, is increasingly unsustainable. From the exhausted rainforest to the global fight over declining oil reserves, or from the worldwide necessity to control carbon emissions to our shrinking and fragile ecosystems – we are losing this global war.

As a result, more green policies are being taken up at a board-to-local level and companies are realising a real need to promote good citizenry. As a way of not only recognising companies that are doing this, but to encourage others to follow suit, is the Caring Company initiative ( Sponsored by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the initiative’s mission is to recognise and promote good corporate citizenship and communicate beneficial behaviours into Hong Kong’s companies. The organisation now boasts more than 1,600 active caring companies (excluding caring organisations and not-for-profit members). Among those recently recognised was QuestNet’s Hong Kong headquarters.

What does it take to be considered a ‘Caring Company’?

The Caring Company initiative grades companies across six criteria, including the promotion of green operations; employee friendly companies with opportunities provided to those with disabilities; policies that reflect improvement of poverty and that enhance quality of living. A minimum of two criteria need to be achieved in order for a company to be successfully recognised as a Caring Company. One of the companies recently recognised by this initiative is QuestNet Hong Kong. For the second year running, QuestNet Hong Kong was recognised as Employee Friendly and Giving (Charity), providing proof that the headquarters of this global direct selling enterprise is thriving by caring more.

Company profile: QuestNet Ltd
QuestNet Ltd is an international direct sales company and network marketing business that recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary as a market innovator and leader in its field.
Operating a global sales force, QuestNet offers a high-quality product portfolio consisting of consumable and everyday products, brand-name items, luxury and collectibles, personal care and wellness products, vacation packages, and telecommunications.

The company also provides business opportunities to millions of people around the world by offering entrepreneurial aspirants the opportunity to run their own business through an e-commerce platform, while providing the Information Technology knowledge and business tools for these people to succeed. The company also educates various governments and populations of developing countries about computer usage, Internet connectivity and e-commerce.

For more information, contact QuestNet at their Head Office:

47/F Bank of China Tower,
1 Garden Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2827 1889
Fax: +852 2827 1833
E-mail: qshoppe(at)


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