QuickMedical® Announces Distribution Of The BpTRU Automated Blood Pressure Devices

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According to QuickMedical, the measurement of blood pressure in the physician’s office is subject to a number of observer errors and also to the “white-coat effect.” Automatic devices that measure blood pressure without a human observer in the room can eliminate many of these problems.

blood  pressure monitor is approved for children 3 years of age and older

BpTRU Blood Pressure Monitor-Approved for children 3 years and up

The misdiagnosis of hypertension for these patients can result in needless and possibly harmful medication

According to QuickMedical, up to 25% of patients evaluated in the physician office, blood pressure measurements were higher than their typical blood pressure. White coat hypertension (WCH) can result from anxiety related to an examination by a health care professional.

The misdiagnosis of hypertension for these patients can result in needless and possibly harmful medication. White coat hypertension can be reduced (but not eliminated) with automated blood pressure measurements over 15 to 20 minutes in a quiet part of the office or clinic.

According to an article published in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, “…the BpTRU blood pressure monitor has enjoyed greater clinical acceptance, since it can take up to five blood pressure readings at intervals of 1 to 5 minutes, and calculates the mean of all five readings, taken with the patient resting comfortably in a quiet room without a clinician present.”

The development of the BpTRU device was guided by physicians who understand the significance of accurate blood pressure reading for the control of hypertension. A diagnosis of hypertension can affect a patient for the rest of their lives.

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