Where New Year Resolutions Fail, QuitSmoking247.com Brings Success

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Every year smokers make the new years resolution to quit and then fail. Quit Smoking 24/7 offers smokers a "guaranteed to succeed" plan using the new scientifically proven method called cognitive behavioral therapy.

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In order to quit, the first thing a smoker needs is to learn and be prepared so no waking up January 1st trying to quit. With Quitsmoking247.com you continue to smoke for ten days while you are prepared to deal with actually quitting.

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Everyone loves to think about the changes they will make happen in a New Year. Yet year after year New Resolutions continue to fall short of success. This year there is new hope for smokers with a method that is scientifically proven to be the most effective method to quit smoking. Quitsmoking247.com is offering a reduced price to help smokers succeed this year at their New Year resolution to quit smoking.

So many fail to achieve their New Year resolutions. Intentions are honest but people are not prepared. A couple of weeks into the New Year and all those goals and resolutions are already slipping away. Life Coach Devlyn Steele says, “One of two things are happening: Either we didn't even get started, or we are running out of steam.”

Devlyn continues, "Not getting started is common. Even though we had all the great enthusiasm and excitement about the year, the diversion of the holidays and then just trying to get back into our normal routines didn't allow us to incorporate the pressure of trying to quit into our lives. Simply put, we are busy and distracted by the overall tasks of our lives.” Coach Steele assures us not to worry, “There is a solution.”

The other common element to resolution failure is burn out. It is comically predictable how the level of activity increases the first week of January? Go to any gym and it will be packed. In fact January 1st and 2nd are two of the busiest days in gym attendance.

Even though everyone wants to get in shape, lose weight, meet someone, get a better job, save money, quit smoking, quit drinking and more, how do we keep our motivation? Coach Steele continues, "The results we want are difficult and because we are unprepared we lose our initial enthusiasm. The result is that 2013 will be yet another year you failed to achieve the changes you wanted”

Devlyn Steele has a solution for smokers. "In order to quit, the first thing a smoker needs is to learn and be prepared so no waking up January 1st trying to quit. With Quitsmoking247.com you continue to smoke for ten days while we build you a plan so you are prepared to deal with actually quitting." The program uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which uses no medicines, patches or gimmicks. Mr. Steele says, “We know this works and that is why we guarantee it. I know this year is the year 1000’s of smokers will succeed at their New Year Resolutions, because they will use QuitSmoking247.com.

Quitsmoking247.com is offering an incentive for smokers to commit today, prior to January 1st. People seeking to quit can purchase the program at a discount and join thousands in January to make this year a personal success by joining The Big New Year Quit.

About QuitSmoking247.com
Quitsmoking247.com is a 21 day online Quit Smoking Program using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and it’s guaranteed. The program provides daily video lessons supported by reading and a Todo list that leads an individual to create real changes to break the associations and reasons a person smokes. You smoke while you learn and quit on Day 11. Yale researchers scientifically proved this method to be the most effective way to quit smoking. Now offering a New Year Quit Smoking Discount, commit now quit in January.

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