Retention of small family values has helped Big Appliances’ sales of Stove and Belling Range cookers on the Internet

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Even though Big Appliances supplies quality American style range cookers and is among the most successful in the UK it still operates as a family business and has released an improved web site for their products that finally allows customers to search for a range cooker in a sensible way.

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This now means customer searching for a Stoves range cooker, say, or a Belling range cooker, can do so by brand – obvious, and instantly pulling up every item in the category “range cooker” available from the brand name searched for. So far, so normal. What Big Appliances have done that no-one else seems ready to do, is put their stock into search directories based on width, fuel type and colour – which means that potential customers can narrow all their ranges down to range cookers that match their kitchen decor and space. Not to mention their preferred type of heat source. A Falcon range cooker or a Smeg range cooker that fits colour scheme but not fuel type is easily discarded from the search at start – saving hours of laborious false triumphs, where one thinks one has found the perfect cooker only to realise that it is too wide, too red or inoperable with one’s gas pipe.

Big Appliances have cleverly ranged what they consider to be the most common categories of search down the left hand side of their site, presented in nice big letters: so the first thing a person looking for a Falcon range cooker; a Smeg range cooker; a Belling range cooker; or a Stoves range cooker; can do, is find one of those brands in the drop-down list. Next up, it’s width. Hugely important but rarely included so obviously in a search facility. One’s Belling range cooker or Stoves range cooker may look great – but does it fit into one’s required category of width? And so the search is narrowed again.

Fuel type is third on the list. Does one’s Smeg range cooker or Falcon range cooker pop up in the requisite fuel results? And what about colour? There’s no point in having the perfect Falcon range cooker if it looks awful next to your kitchen colour scheme.

Finally, and equally intelligently: ovens, number of. A Smeg range cooker, or a Stoves range cooker, is bought not just for the name but for the functions that names guarantees it to perform well. No use buying a Belling range cooker with one oven, if you need a range cooker that has two.

The search facility of the Big Appliances site is further enhanced by secondary refiners – the usual price, low or high; as well as a function to skip between the major product types available on site. Whether it’s a Smeg range cooker or a washer-dryer, anyone searching will find it twice as easily as on any other site. And that, of course, means they’re much more likely to buy from Big Appliances than anyone else.

Big Appliances is an Essex based supplier of white goods to trade and private individuals. Their full stock is available and easily searchable via their website.


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