Ranger Financial Services Sets Up New Division To Help Gulf Coast Business Owners Get Compensation for BP's Oil Spill

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Gulf Coast businesses are facing catastrophic losses due to the BP oil spill. Business owners must act quickly to avoid business failure, but they don't have a lot of options to fight against the deep pockets of BP. Ranger Financial Services has recently set up a new division specifically to help Gulf Coast businesses get compensated for the current and long termt financial losses associated with the oil spill.

The damage could be catastrophic and businesses might be entitled to financial restitution for damages.

Businesses along the Gulf Coast states are watching with growing concern as the oil spill caused by British Petroleum (BP)'s offshore oil drilling platform tragedy flows inexorably toward shores. The damage could be catastrophic and businesses might be entitled to financial restitution for damages. To assist in that compensation effort, one company has set up a special division exclusively to help Gulf Coast business owners seek financial restitution.

On April 20, an offshore oil rig leased by British Petroleum (BP) was damaged in a fire and explosion and sunk until to ocean, exposing open underwater oil wells that have been pumping over 200,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico every single day. It is the worst oil spill in the US since the Exxon Valdez and attempts to stem the flow of oil have so far been ineffective. Even if the oil is stopped, devastating amounts of oil has been released onto the surface of the water where it washes with the tides towards shore. The immediate results will be noticed visually along the coastline, but the long term impact will be significant inland as well, since the water table will pick up the ocean's oil and carry it into the country.

Kurt Walker, CEO of Ranger Financial Services, believes that businesses that will be impacted by this oil spill should be entitled to seek financial restitution. "The impact will be felt in every aspect of life," he says. "People's health could be impacted from a decline in the quality of grown food or drinking water. Home values could decline because of the proximity to oil. Jobs in the tourist and fishing industries will be lost. Without a doubt, area residents will be compensated. But so should the businesses that employ area residents and try to etch out a living in this now-fragile environment."

Walker and his team have set up a special division capable of handling the potential flood of incoming commercial claims against BP. His company has access to litigators able to take cases to court and fight on behalf of business plaintiffs, and Ranger Financial Services has also established services designed to assist in the collection of money from BP for payment to deserving commercial victims.

"As tragic as this event has been, the bigger tragedies are still to come," says Walker. "Gulf coast businesses need to act now in anticipation of the inevitable destruction. Now is the time for the organizations that will be impacted to show BP just how significant this situation will be on them."

British Petroleum – which usually goes by the name BP – is the fourth largest company in the world and the UK's largest company, earning over $246 billion in 2009. Sadly, environmental accidents are not new to BP. In 2005, their largest US refinery exploded and they later pled guilty to environmental crimes. In 2006, their Alaskan pipeline was shut down for spilling oil.

Ranger Financial Services is a Texas-based financial organization that works with businesses to collect money from other businesses. Their work includes diplomatic arbitration and commercial debt recovery. "This is commercial debt recovery of a significant magnitude," explains Walker. "We're helping Gulf coast businesses do collectively what they could never do on their own.

For more information about Ranger Financial Services, and to get in touch with their new BP Financial Recovery department for media inquiries, more information, and to file a claim, contact them at 1-866-977-5611. You can learn more about Ranger Financial Services at http://www.rangerfs.com.


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