American Homes Purchased by Foreigners on the Rise

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Tobias Nergarden comments about the rise of foreign buyers purchasing homes in the United States.

Real Estate Guru Tobias Nergarden of Real Estate Marketing Insider released his observations on the surprising findings about the increased numbers of foreign buyers purchasing homes in key areas of the United States today and his opinion is that it will help real estate agents as they learn more about how to generate a real estate lead in these areas.

According to Morgan Brennan at, several key real estate markets like New York, Florida, and Arizona, many homes, especially those considered luxury homes, are being purchased by those outside of the United States, often through online house sales. Many of these buyers are from Europe, where real estate may be a riskier investment, but there are plenty from Latin America and East Asia as well. Studies have shown that a full 8.9 % of all real estate sales are to foreigners. And of these foreign buyers, a quarter of them are from Canada. Unlike many of the other sales which are for high-end homes, many Canadians are wanting to buy retirement homes in warm, southern states like Arizona and Florida. Other Canadians are investing in Chicago, which is much closer geographically to Canada.

Europe is a region united by culture, although diverse in language. The last few decades have seen a unification of Europe’s economy in the form of the Euro, a currency used by 17 out of the 27 member nations of the European Union. While the Euro has been a strong currency, in 2009, it began to lose value caused by financial meltdowns in Greece and threats of problems in Spain and other nations. Germany is considered the economic powerhouse of Europe.

Latin America includes Mexico as well as all nations south, including the burgeoning Brazil. The nations of Latin American have traditionally been exploited for their natural resources. This has created a wide range of economic disparity between rich and poor, with many wealthy people in these nations along with a high degree of poverty and lack of infrastructure. Latin American nations have a history of political corruption and in many of them, powerful drug organizations have an undue amount of political and military power.

East Asia is what many people think of when “Asia” is mentioned, mainly the nations of China, North and South Korea, and Japan, along with others like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. These nations offer a wide variety of political philosophies, although China is showing a certain trending towards a more capitalistic society, leading to many Chinese investors in foreign markets. South Korea also has a strong economy and willingness for Koreans to invest abroad.

Canada is America’s biggest trading partner and has a large amount of natural resources with a relatively small population. Canada is technically part of the British Empire, but has many cultural similarities to the United States. Like the United States, Canada suffered greatly from the2008 financial crisis with a large rise in unemployment and ongoing financial difficulties.

Real Estate Marketing Insider today commented on the increasing numbers of foreigners investing in American real estate markets. These investors are from across the globe and seem to be looking for a more stable real estate market, particularly for luxury homes.

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