A Mobile App to Solve Real Problems Faced by Realtors

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PixeHome For Agent is an innovative app to help realtors build rapport with their clients at a whole new level.

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Building rapport starts with gift.

PixeHome not only allows realtors to send unlimited meaningful gifts to their clients and collaborate exclusively with clients, it also helps agents to remember which houses are visited by which clients because it tracks house photos automatically.

Rcursion LLC is proud to announce the launch of PixeHome For Agent, a mobile app for real estate agents. The company has leveraged its proprietary view technology in mobile application, and crafted an innovative solution to solve specific real world problems faced by realtors.

The first meeting between agent and client often determines if the client will stay with the agent. Giving a token gift to client is time-tested way of creating the first good impression. But it costs a lot of money to send meaningful gifts to all prospective clients. PixeHome For Agent has solved the cost problem by leveraging a proprietary gift giving technology among mobile phones. It allows realtors to give unlimited gifts phone-to-phone at a flat subscription of $9.99/month; the gift is retailed at $5.99 each, were the home buyers are to buy the app by themselves.

The gift, which is called PixeHome For Buyer, in turn, solves one of the biggest challenges faced by home buyer: how to remember every visited house with confidence to make the right decision. With PixeHome, even after visiting the 20th house, a home buyer can still visually remember the look of the first house’s kitchen!

Trusted relationship between agent and client is crucial for closing a home sale, but there is no fixed formula to build the trusted relationship. There is also an additional challenge to build rapport with younger home shoppers due to higher expectation on what technology can do for them. For all problems from social life to finding restaurant for lunch, they have been expecting speed and seamless collaboration aided by technology, and they usually get what they expect. What can realtors do when they serve young home shoppers?

PixeHome helps solve the relationship problem by providing a new and unprecedented channel of communication between agent and client. During a house visit, with the help of PixeHome, the agent can show his willingness to go the extra mile to serve the buyer by snapping photos of rooms; and the photos will appear instantly in the buyer’s phone. As the buyer snaps photos of the rooms, the agent’s phone will also be updated with the photos instantly, allowing the agent to assess the buyer preferences and take note. Realtors can also annotate the photos. In essence, by linking the smart phones of agent and client together, PixeHome ushers in a new form of collaboration, upon which an exclusive and trusting relationship can be built more easily.

Shiou Loh, Founder & CEO of Rcursion Inc, said “PixeHome not only allows realtors to send unlimited meaningful gifts to their clients and collaborate exclusively with clients, it also helps agents to remember which houses are visited by which clients because it tracks house photos automatically. It organizes effortlessly. We believe PixeHome will be common one day for house buying process. For now, realtors who adopt it early have a competitive advantage over their peers.”

Some of its salient features are:

  • Send virtually unlimited gifts as tokens to your clients at a flat price.
  • Link phone cameras together and collaborate exclusively.
  • Track houses visited by clients (even if you have many clients).
  • Gauge your clients preference based on photos taken.
  • Map of visited houses grouped by clients.
  • Send text on house and room photos. And also annotate.

With a monthly subscription of $9.99 and one time initial $1.99 fee, an agent can send virtually unlimited gifts, one for each client. The exclusive client-agent channel pioneered by the app helps maintain customers’ loyalty, especially those of younger generation. To top it off, an agent will know exactly which houses were visited by which clients without ambiguity even months after those house visits. This innovative app is now available on Android Market at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.pixecon.pixehomeagent.

About Rcursion:
Rcursion is the home to PixeConn eco-system, which allows you to see what matters using images. It then allows you to connect to the people and things that you care. Through its proprietary view transport technology, PixeConn accomplishes its purpose by allowing you to request to see the world through still-images on just-in-time basis using contacts information in smart phones. We believe most human interactions naturally start with seeing images, which could be images formed in your eyes or that of cameras. Once the images are acquired, PixeConn helps making use of the acquired images for their respective applications. PixeConn also allows consumers and merchants to interact through images.

Ways to reach Rcursion/PixeConn
Tel: 1-312-428-6920
Office hours: Mon-Fri; 8 AM - 5 PM (US Central; GMT -6)
Address: 5 E. College Dr, Suite 15, Arlington Heights, IL, USA

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