Are You Really Awesome? Launches Viral Media Tool Designed To Help One Million People, Places or Things Become Really Awesome

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There are only one million really awesome people, places or things on the Internet. New web service allows those million the chance to become “really awesome” for only one-dollar at their own web address.

Research has shown that out of millions of people, places or things on the Internet, that ONLY one million of those are in fact, really awesome, and the newly launched project at is ready to assist those few, select million in finally proving to the world how really awesome they are. Members are provided with online documented proof of their really awesome-ness, for the low-cost of one-dollar.

“The word awesome is a powerful word with a positive meaning to it,” said Awesome Jim (Jim Kukral), one of the project’s co-founders. “How many times have you said the word ‘Awesome’ in your life? Awesome is truly part of our culture’s modern vernacular. From young to old, everyone says awesome, and that’s a good thing.”

“Who doesn’t want to be really awesome?” said Awesome Dave (Dave Potokar), project co-founder. “Everyone does, and we’ve built this web tool to give one million exclusive people with the opportunity to prove to the world they are in fact really awesome. And it’s not just people either; you can make your MySpace page really awesome, or your business, or your dog, or pretty much anything else you can think of. We’ve got everyone covered.”

What can be really awesome? Here’s a list of a few pre-built really awesome pages. More samples can be viewed at was created by business partners Jim Kukral, an online marketing expert and professional blogger, and Dave Potokar, a creative director & designer, out of their downtown Cleveland, Ohio based studio. Both admired the work of viral media projects like the and as projects that were fun, creative and one of a kind.

“Viral projects like this have several keys to success,” said Awesome Jim. “First, you have to create something that is totally original. Second, you need to show some exclusivity to create a sense of urgency. Third, you need to build a community of customer evangelists who will talk about your product without you asking them to. AwesomeMillion hits all of those points, as well as adding a serious fun factor. What’s the first thing everyone does after they make a really awesome page? They tell all of their friends and family about it.”

“MySpace culture is key to our project,” said Awesome D (Dave Potokar). “Over 97 million MySpace users thrive on interacting with each other by adding friends, writing blogs and leaving comments. We’re counting on just a handful of those 97 million wanting to be really awesome. We started building buzz about a month ago on MySpace, and so far literally thousands and thousands of people have visited our MySpace pages just to see what we are all about, and we’re not even launched yet.”

AwesomeMillion launches with several contests in place, including a $500 best video commercial and song contest. $100 will be given away to a random MySpace friend every week as well.

“Sites like YouTube and Revver have helped explode the online video market. Aspiring directors have learned how to make videos without expensive equipment or a film school diploma.”

About allows one million exclusive chances for really awesome people, places or things to become really awesome online for one-dollar. Information on the project can be found at, and at


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