Rebecca Fitzgerald MD, Los Angeles Dermatologist, Presents New Findings in Facial Aging Rejuvenation at Annual SDEF

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Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, shares the nuances of facial volume correction this years Skin Disease Education Foundation (SDEF) meeting in Santa Monica, Ca. What makes a face more youthful?

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald at 2010 SDEF explaining facial assessment techniques

Each fat compartment, in addition to bone and muscle, provides a support pad for various anatomical structures in the soft facial tissue

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, well known injection specialist and cosmetic dermatologist in Los Angeles, gave a bullet-speed overview of how facial volume correction can impact appearance at any age at a major annual dermatology and surgery conference. Her presentation centered on the use of both bio-stimulatory agents and temporary dermal fillers at this years Skin Disease Education Foundation (SDEF) meeting in Santa Monica, Ca.

Every year the SDEF rounds up leaders in the Dermatology field to share and discuss the impact the most recent changes and novel technology developments have on patients and their doctors.

As both a research dermatologist and a private practice dermatologic surgeon, Dr. Fitzgerald has parlayed her research and practical applications into challenges to long- held perceptions of how the face ages – and most importantly, delineating the components required to mitigate the negative visual impact of the age and asymmetry.

Drawing on the new recognition that there are multiple “fat compartments” in the face instead of one contiguous sheet of fat as was long supposed, Dr. Fitzgerald explained why the old notion of simply filling a fold or a wrinkle only partially corrected the problems associated with aging.

“Each fat compartment, in addition to bone and muscle, provides a support pad for various anatomical structures in the soft facial tissue,” Dr. Fitzgerald shared in her presentation. “Only by understanding where these fat compartments lie and how they work both independently and interdependently, can physicians provide full benefit from either temporary fillers or stimulatory agents like Sculptra.”

“Instead of only treating naso labial folds, we now understand how to treat the cause of the fold. This gives a much better result that lasts much longer, looks more natural and impacts additional facial imbalance all at the same time.”

Dr. Fitzgerald is a proponent of volume correction and balancing not only in aging patients, but in younger patients who have visible volume deficiencies or imbalance in facial structure.

She explained that by treating someone while they are still young, the cascade effect of future collagen and fat loss that naturally occurs can be slowed down, resulting in the need of minimal maintenance tweaking as time passes.

“Often there is a very small difference between ‘pretty’ and ‘not pretty,” Dr. Fitzgerald said as she showed the audience various patient photos and the changes brought about by Sculptra or a temporary filler. “We’re all attuned to the beauty triangle…and have been for as long as beauty has been defined. Small incremental changes can bring a face back into that triangular shape when it has been lost to age or if shape has been an issue of simple genetic structure.”

Dr. Fitzgerald has extensive experience with the use of Sculptra, gaining her initial hands on experience with many hundreds of patients through a specialty clinic at a large HMO in Los Angeles. Her research findings are published in peer journals and are used in professional presentations and training videos around the globe.

She is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at UCLA; a Master Level International trainer for Dermik, makers of Sculptra; a national Elite level training physician for Bioform’s Radiesse and an injection trainer for Allergan’s Botox and Juvederm.

Dr. Fitzgerald maintains a private cosmetic and laser dermatology practice in the Larchmont Village area of Los Angeles, where she also holds periodic injection training sessions for the named products above. Additional information and contact can be found online at Tel: 323-464-8046.


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