Fantasy Author Vin Jackson’s ‘Reborn’ Explores an Alternate and Barbaric Vision of Life After Death

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‘Reborn’, the latest fantasy fiction offering by author Vin Jackson, describes a world where dying is not an end, but is only the start of a living nightmare. There is no peace after death, no Heaven. Now, all who pass over will find themselves reborn in a decaying land of medieval customs and barbarity held in check by futuristic technology.

'Reborn' by Vin Jackson

Not only is ‘Reborn’ a struggle for survival in an unforgiving land, it is a test of purpose and honour, of companionship and sharing love. It is overcoming deep sorrow and the burning desire for revenge in favour of a higher, more humane responsibility.

Vin Jackson’s compelling and gritty novel ‘Reborn’ begins when two accident victims die. Hospital staff manage to bring them back, but the patients soon realise that something is amiss. Part of them is still trapped on ‘the other side' in a heartless, brutal land which defies belief. As their reborn alter-egos, Mireille and LaRoche, struggle to understand how they can be so different from the people they once were, they must also battle for survival in a world ruled by violence and depravity. This is Lonfay, the terrifying future everyone who dies will have to face.

Vallande was sent to destroy Lonfay from within. His gradually waning hope is revived when Mireille and LaRoche are reborn. In his elevated position as one of the few who keep order in Lonfay, he is well placed to guide them. Although they are not true reborns — part of them is still alive on the other side — he decides not to have them terminated. Should this breach of protocol be discovered, he will pay the ultimate penalty, but Vallande is convinced their unpredictability is what he has been waiting for. Perhaps they can succeed where he has so far failed. For the moment, he can only monitor their progress as they make their way to the fabled city of Vasteplage, which is where he believes the answer to his problem lies. The journey, however, will be perilous and the two transients will need more than just luck to survive

'Reborn' follows Mireille and LaRoche as they make the dangerous trek through the Deadlands and the Domains to their final destination, Vasteplage. Along the way they will discover the price of treachery and the true value of friendship and loyalty. Forced to kill just to stay alive, they will learn how easy it is to take a life, and how hard it is to break what will fast become an addiction. More than anything, they will come to terms with who they are and what they must sacrifice to free Lonfay and its people from eternal misery.

“Not only is ‘Reborn’ a struggle for survival in an unforgiving land, it is a test of purpose and honour, of companionship and sharing love,” says Jackson. “It is overcoming deep sorrow and the burning desire for revenge in favour of a higher, more humane responsibility.”

Jackson warns that this is a “gutsy and often cruel novel”. A preview of the first three chapters is available, inviting readers to take their own preliminary glimpse of the desolate world born of Jackson’s vivid imagination:

‘Reborn’ is published exclusively in eBook format by and is now available from popular online retailers, including,, Apple’s iBookstore and Sony Readerstore.

About Vin Jackson
In this follow-up to his horror novel 'The Devil's Whelp', Australian author Vin Jackson explores his fascination with life after death coupled with his unusual affinity with medieval times. On the surface, Vin appears fairly normal, if somewhat reclusive, which is why he prefers country living. But even when cooking, which he loves, he feels compelled to inject an element of mystery so that he never quite knows how his creation will turn out.

This is Vin Jackson - risk-taker, incorrigible romantic and dreamer. When he isn't writing, he's thinking about probabilities, then impossibilities and how to make them happen. Literary creation is a universe that satisfies his wants and needs without upsetting the norm of others. Through his writing, he is able to create, love, destroy, and manipulate to his heart’s content, always ensuring a gratifying outcome.

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