New GPS ANGEL Red Light Camera & Speed Camera Detector

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Avoid Expensive Tickets With The Most Affordable And Accurate GPS Camera Locator. GPS ANGEL Detects Thousands Of Hidden Red Light Cameras & Speed Cameras Across The United States. $99 GPS ANGEL Costs Hundreds Of Dollars Less Than Radar Detectors With Similar GPS Location Capabilities And Includes Free Lifetime Updates To The Camera Locations Database.

GPS Angel is the most affordable GPS red light camera & speed camera detector on the market.

Our GPS-based camera location systems are used by over a half million satisfied customers throughout Europe

Inforad Ltd., makers of the world's leading red light and speed camera warning systems, today introduced GPS Angel, their first product exclusively for the United States. GPS Angel comes preloaded with the locations of the thousands of active red light and speed cameras in the United States, and uses accurate GPS satellite technology to warn drivers with clear audible and visual alerts when they are approaching a camera. Motorists have plenty of advance notice to slow down or stop, helping them drive safer, avoid expensive tickets, and protect their license.

GPS Angel is available today at an introductory price of $99, hundreds of dollars less than radar detectors with similar GPS capabilities, making it the most affordable red light and speed camera detector on the market.

There are over 5,000 red light and speed cameras in-use in the United States today and estimates are this will reach over 35,000 in the next several years. GPS Angel is an easy-to-use compact device that helps motorists avoid these cameras. Unlike radar detectors, which are illegal in many states, GPS Angel uses the same standard GPS technology found in car navigation systems, and is legal in all 50 states.

"Red light cameras are being deployed at an alarming rate throughout the country," said James J. Baxter, President of the National Motorists Association. "We believe these cameras are unfair to motorists and strongly oppose their use. GPS locators, such as GPS Angel, give motorists a fighting chance and the early warning they need when they are near these hidden cameras."

GPS Angel Features:

Accurate GPS satellite detection of red light cameras, speed cameras and other photo-enforcement radar, with visual and audible alarms for clear advance warning to hidden cameras.

An on-board database of thousands of red light and speed camera locations with free lifetime unlimited database updates - a $100 value per year compared to other GPS camera detectors.

Personal alert locations, such as schools, playgrounds and parks, which warn drivers when they are near them, and programmable speed alerts notify drivers when a preset speed limit is exceeded.

For a complete feature list visit the GPS Angel red light camera detector and speed camera detector site.

GPS Angel is compact and lightweight and works right out of the box. Just place it on the dashboard, plug it into the vehicle's cigarette lighter, and it begins warning you of hidden red light cameras and speed cameras immediately. A demonstration video is available at YouTube.

Patriot Camera Database:
GPS Angel includes free access to the Patriot Camera Database - the premier red light and speed camera locations database for the United States and Canada. This database is compiled from leading public and private sources and is verified and updated with new camera locations on a regular basis by GPS Angel staff.

Patriot is also a "community" database - anyone can be an "angel" and add their own camera locations through a simple map-based interface on the web site. This combination of dedicated staff and motorist participation ensures that GPS Angel has the highest quality database location software for North America.

Every GPS Angel purchase includes unlimited free lifetime updates to the camera database. Customers download updates via the Internet using the GPS Angel manager software and are automatically protected with the newest camera locations at no additional charge. Other GPS detector products charge a subscription fee for updates, which can be over $100 per year.

"Our GPS-based camera location systems are used by over a half million satisfied customers throughout Europe," said Bryn Jenkins, COO of Inforad. "With superior technology and free updates to the #1 camera locations database, GPS Angel is the best red light and speed camera warning system for US drivers. Speed cameras and red light cameras tend to be placed at dangerous intersections and frequent accident areas. GPS Angel will help you become a safer driver."

Pricing & Availability:
To celebrate the North American launch, GPS Angel is available for the next 30 days for an introductory price of only $99 (normal SRP is $129), making it the most affordable GPS camera detector on the market. GPS Angel pays for itself after helping you avoid just one ticket! GPS Angel is available from the GPS Angel Direct Store and from Inforad is also seeking additional retail and reseller partners who are interested in selling the hottest automotive electronics accessory for 2009.

For evaluation units, press materials and reseller inquiries contact

About Inforad, Ltd.:
Inforad's award-winning products are used by over a half million customers in Europe. GPS Angel, Inforad's North American product, is the most affordable red light and speed camera locator in its class. GPS Angel uses accurate satellite technology and includes free unlimited access to the premier Patriot camera locations database to provide advance warning when drivers are near hidden cameras. Motorists drive safer, avoid expensive tickets, and protect their license.


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