Red Palm Oil Introduced by Dr. Oz is Expected to Become New Superfood According to

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Red palm oil introduced by Dr. Oz is now expected to become a new superfood in 2013 reports A new report has been published online that reviews the benefits of this new oil as an additive to daily eating schedules to help with weight loss and other bodily wellness.

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This ingredient can be useful for heart health as well as in weight reduction strategies according to the new report.

The company has published a new report that features the benefits of red palm oil in 2013. This new dietary additive has been tested by researchers and has been introduced on the Dr. Oz television program in the U.S. This new oil is sold by some retailers and is expected to become one of the new superfoods that men and women can add to daily eating routines in an effort to reduce body weight, maintain healthy brain activity and fight off free radicals inside the body.

There are many different versions of essential oils that the body uses on a daily basis to fight off infections and improve the cardiovascular system. The various types of almond oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil and others are often recommended as healthy oils to use with meals. The new research that was conducted for the palm oil in its unprocessed form provided the basis for the new report.

Processing of this oil is what can destroy the health benefits. Some food companies used red palm oil in its natural state and process it during the flavor adding process. According to the report, this processing is what removes any health benefits and adds unnecessary preservatives to the mixture.

One of the active ingredients inside of palm oil is Tocotrienol. This is related to the Vitamin E family and can be found in small doses in vitamins and other minerals. This ingredient can be useful for heart health as well as in weight reduction strategies according to the new report. High levels of Tocotrienol are found only inside of the virgin red palm oil that is not processed through the natural food preparation process. This essential oil is meant for adding to foods in small doses and not meant for drinking.

Those that seek fitness, health and wellness strategies could benefit from learning how to include this essential oil into a daily eating routine. Since this oil is sold in its unprocessed form, no additives or other ingredients are included. According to the Dr. Oz report and iTrustNews, this oil is one of the safest to include in a dietary plan due to the variety of health benefits that it possesses. 

The report is expected to be updated with new retailer stock information and pricing data for this new product. It has recently been released in the U.S. and not all retailers have stocked this product. The new report details a list of where it can be purchased online.

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