New Detective Adventure Novel Asks, “Who Is Killing the Media?”

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Jack Vane hates how the media distorts the truth for entertainment and its own political agenda. But when several reporters are murdered and the crime is pinned on him, Jack must investigate the deaths in a new thriller, “Red, White, and Dead.”

Cover  of Red, White, and Dead
He hated FOX; he hated O’Reilly; he hated Sharpton; he hated CNN. He hated all of them....Yes, he thought, kill the media.

An unknown criminal is out to kill a group of reporters and pin the crimes on Jack Vane. Now accused of murder, Jack must solve the crime against those he most despises in Jeffrey Friedberg’s new detective adventure novel, “Red, White, and Dead: The Lost Treasure Conspiracy (Volume 1)” (ISBN 9780615541303, Jeffrey A. Friedberg, 2011).

New Mexico private eye Jack Vane was just having a quiet meeting in a public place with Yaakov Irgun, mob kingpin. Irgun had just informed Jack that he had to find the ancient lost treasure of Spanish Conquistador Francisco Coronado, which might not even exist, or Jack will suffer the consequences! At that moment, a group of young extremist Muslims attack Irgun and Jack. In self-defense, Jack pulls his gun and kills the young men.

When the media goes wild, claiming the extremists were just innocent young men, Jack is accused of being out-of-control and finds himself on television trying to defend himself. A panel of reporters verbally attacks him, mangling his words and distorting what he says. When soon after, all the reporters start to turn up dead, Jack finds himself accused of murder. Between trying to solve the murder and discover Coronado’s lost treasure, Jack finds himself questioning his own sanity and suffering from severe blackouts. And it doesn’t help that he hates the media, as he makes clear:

“He hated the media. He hated their breathy, too intimate way of speaking. He hated their weird delivery and affectations—their arrogance. He hated the distortion of truth for entertainment or political agenda. He hated FOX; he hated O’Reilly; he hated Sharpton; he hated CNN. He hated all of them. But he had never dreamed of murder. His entire life had been about truth; finding it or defending it. A sword blade that could not be broken, the truth could never be changed. But it could be lied about, and he hated that too. Yet he had never dreamed of murder before....He thought if journalists started getting murdered as a message, the rest of them would shut up and shut down. He believed they would flee. Yes, he thought, kill the media.”

Because “Red, White, and Dead” pulls no punches and leaves no large media, politician, or elitist group unscathed…readers love it! C.J. Cole of WVES AM 99.3 in Parksley, VA proclaims it is an, “amazingly entertaining fantasy release, romance, and adventure. The writing, I thought, is just masterful.” Officer Ponte of Kingston, NY exclaims, “Wow, it just gets better and better! Goes from Great to Phenomenal, rounded, descriptive…great police stuff, you hear the racking of the shotguns and feel weakening in the stomach.” Award-winning author Linda Sands declares, “The strength of Friedberg’s writing lies in his vivid imagination and...action scenes...Jack Vane needs a big screen role...even 3D!” Finally, award-winning author Tyler R. Tichelaar admits, “Who hasn’t at some point wished the media could be shut up? ‘Red, White, and Dead’ fulfills many an American’s deep fantasies on a harmless and fun level that makes readers question just what we have let the media do to our society.”

About the Author
Author Jeffrey A. Friedberg was a real, gun-toting, Philly Private Eye, doing deep cover investigations like organized crime, surveillance, security, homicide, insurance fraud, and Internet. He is a 32nd Degree Mason and holds qualifications in judo, Shotokan Karate, and firearms. He has also been an Internet guru, web marketer, and Internet consultant to America Online. He is the author of “Lost Relic of the Gods,” “The Secret Pillars of Writing,” his new thriller, “Red, White, and Dead” and its upcoming sequel “Red, White, and Dead Again.” Today, Friedberg writes in the shadow of a dormant volcano in Albuquerque, New Mexico near the ancient Petroglyph National Monument canyon, its mystical spirits, and gods….

“Red, White, and Dead: The Lost Treasure Conspiracy (Volume 1)” (ISBN 9780615541303, Jeffrey A. Friedberg, 2011) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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