Reduce Electric Bill Book is Helping Homeowners Lower Electricity Bills

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Reduce Electric Bill book is now helping homeowners to lower their electricity bills. Author Michael Harvey has applied the same tips revealed in this book for the past four years in an effort to cut his energy bill over 75 percent and is now teaching other homeowners to do the same.

Reduce Electric Bill | DIY Solar Panels
I tried cutting back my bill by turning off lights and using less energy.

How to reduce electric bill costs is one topic that most homeowners can relate to when the idea of home energy is spoken about. One author has decided to put his skills to use as a former electrician and help other homeowners to slash their electricity bills. Michael Harvey stopped being dependent on home energy providers over four years ago and has authored a new book to help homeowners reduce their electric bill costs or eliminate them. The team has picked up this story and made the full version available here at this link

Between 25 and 35 percent of a monthly salary is spent on electricity costs some estimates claim. The number of people living in a home, the type of insulation used and quality of the windows all play a role in the cost of electricity. Some electric providers have bi-annual or annual increases for electric generation and delivery charges that frequently raise the cost of electricity for homeowners.

Since Michael Harvey is a former electrician, he knows all too well about the ways that power companies use to squeeze extra pennies out of monthly energy charges.

“I tried cutting back my bill by turning off lights and using less energy,” said Michael Harvey in his book. “My family hated me because I became too controlling and we saved a whopping $16 dollars,” added Harvey.

Alternative forms of energy are becoming more common with homeowners in all 50 states. The U.S. government even gave homeowners the option of taking home energy tax credits from 2005 to 2011. The Obama Administration has upheld legislation for homeowners that want to supply alternative electricity into their homes and this can even result in a refund according to the Michael Harvey book.

Current electricity estimates have revealed that the average American family uses at or just below 1000-kilowatt hours each month. The national average price for electricity generation and delivery is now 13 cents per kilowatt hour. These are only estimates and many homeowners often report much higher percentages during peak times of each season. Homeowners like Michael Harvey that have switched to living off the grid have reported substantial electric savings and even reported not paying any fees for electric usage.

The green lifestyle is one that used to be frowned upon by the general public just 20 years ago, but this lifestyle is now a reality for many Americans that are unhappy with the constant price fluctuations that take place in society. Along with home energy savings, more families are reporting they are able to save money that can be used for entertainment, travel or other forms of family activities.

The Reduce Electric Bill book can acquired from this article on the website. The iTrust News team was one of the first online outlets to report this way to reduce or eliminate home energy costs.


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