22-Year-Old Man With No College Degree Already in "Semi-Retirement", Shares His Success Secrets

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Semi-retired 22 year old who never went to college, never wrote a resume and never applied for a job spills his secrets to success on his new free blog

I've never worked for anyone else, written a resume, gone to college, or even applied for a job; yet I make more money than most people do and I spend most of my days having fun. If I can do this, you can do this, and I want to help you

Reed Floren is a 22-year-old high school graduate who never went to college, and hasn't ever even written a resume or applied for a job. Yet, just three years out of school and with no student loans to worry about paying back, he is already semi-retired and living life on his own terms. Now, Floren has launched a new blog that tells you how to do what he does.

What are the things that make an affiliate marketer successful? What makes for an affiliate marketing success story? Is there an easy way to become a big player in the affiliate marketing industry? These are the fundamental questions that Reed Floren asks, and the fundamental questions that he answers.

Reed Floren got a taste of the austere reality of life early on--and it spurred him to dare to reach the heights that he is now attaining.

Floren says, "Back in 1991, I was five years old and my dad (who with Floren's help is also a successful marketer now) had lost his job. He had been working for the state for years testing and mapping soils so their would be better crop production; however, the funding for his project had not been renewed, so he lost his job."

"We struggled for 13 months. My parents had just had a new baby, my little sister, and I was about to enter kindergarten. It took my dad over a year to find a job that paid close to what he was making at his old job. We ended up living off credit cards and shopping thrift shops and garage sales for most of our possessions."

As we can see, Reed Floren was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This struggle of his parents made him realize from a very young age that "job security" is a fairy tale.

But a dozen years later, when he was in high school, Reed found his calling: running a business for himself.

He was attending the unique Minnesota New Country School (MNCS) and had already come up with and put into practice a few different small businesses that were making him money. "In 2003 MNCS had some student teachers from the local college who ended up doing a class on economics. I didn't take part in the class but I learned they were doing a fantasy stock market simulation game which allowed us to buy and sell real stocks with a simulated $100,000 of cash. Now being the competitive spirit that I am, I asked if I could take part in the game but not be in the class. Shortly thereafter, I was number one and had made $140,000! I ended up getting greedy and started riskier investments which dipped me down to $77,000. I went from the #1 spot to the bottom. However, I had one more trick up my sleeve and in 90 days from hitting rock bottom of $77,000 I had a whopping $2.3 million dollars in my account. Needless to say, I won the game."

"With this dramatic success in the stock market I ended up buying every stock market book and training program I could get my hands on and opened a brokerage account with the bank so I could trade stocks while I was at school," he says.

Then, "In 2004 and 2005, my senior year of high school, I realized that I could actually achieve real success on the Internet, as evidenced by my stock market website which was ranked number one on Google, Yahoo, and MSN."

"I've never worked for anyone else, written a resume, gone to college, or even applied for a job; yet I make more money than most people do and I spend most of my days having fun. If I can do this, you can do this, and I want to help you," sums up the 22-year-old marketing wizard.

With his new blog (http://www.reedfloren.com) Reed Floren shares with you the secrets of his success--secrets that he and his father and girlfriend are now applying; secrets that you can apply, too.

Reed Floren will show you the magical money tree that you can grow with your own website, enjoy your life and spend your time with family and friends even in a "recession."

Are you ready to join Reed Floren and stop living to work while putting the Internet to work for you? Read his blog if you dare.


Reed Floren is a 22-year-old high school graduate with no college degree who makes more money than most people and works just a few short hours per week. He can be reached at (http://www.reedfloren.com) reedfloren@gmail.com or 507-304-3399 and is available for interviews.


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