Save Refrigeration Energy with Food Temperature Simulation

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National Energy Technologies announces the release of the energy saving Eco Cube System for refrigeration. This device will reduce compressor run time by encasing the thermostat probe as if inside of food.

Food Temperature Simulator

taking thermostat temperature from inside of food is most efficient

American business spends billions on food and beverage preservation. For this reason National Energy Technologies employs multiple strategies to improve the performance and reduce the cost of refrigeration. According to Scott Milne Company CEO, “taking thermostat temperature from inside of food is most efficient.” A Food Temperature Simulator (FTS) is a simple device that fits over the thermostat probe on a refrigerator or freezer. Inside the device is a material that has been proven by the NSF to mimic the properties of food and beverages. Now, rather than responding to rapidly fluctuating air temperature, our product allows the unit to respond to food temperature instead.

This technology provides the existing thermostat with product temperature instead of air temperature, a more accurate measurement. This more accurate and stable indicator of refrigeration needs and results in more efficient run cycles. The compressor may run longer but for fewer repetitions. These longer cycles create "thermal inertia" as it cools food for a longer period of time (at a more accurate temperature), thereby increasing the efficiency of the unit. Because the compressor is cycling less often (up to 40% less), the life of the compressor is extended. Since it is also operating more efficiently less energy is used. Multiple case studies have demonstrated that refrigeration units use between 10% to 20% less energy with this technology, while maintaining the desired temperature in the unit.                                                                            

A Food Temperature Simulator also called temperature-mimicking sensor (1MS1) tested under protocol P235 by NSF International. It is designed for placement into refrigeration containing dairy, meat, ready meals and other food products meant to be maintained at or below 41 degrees. NSF International's mission is to protect you by certifying products and writing standards for food, water and consumer goods. As an independent not-for-profit organization, NSF International's ongoing public health commitment is to encourage everyone to live safer. Under the performance requirements of Protocol P235, this formula has passed the following tests; The temperature testing indicated a variance of ±2° F of the refrigerated food products l mm below their surface during the normal refrigeration operations test. The purpose of the test is to ensure the product accurately mimics the food product temperatures. The temperature variance shutdown test is no more than 2° F lower and no more than ±5° higher than the refrigerated food products during the warm up test which imitates a refrigeration failure. The purpose of the test is to indicate a higher temperature than the food products to provide advanced warning and allows users to take remedial actions. Under Protocol P235 refrigeration efficiency products are required to adhere to standards ANSI/NSF 2 for Food Equipment Materials Requirements and ANSI/NSF 2 for Food Equipment Requirements for Design & Construction. Both of these standards ensure that this product design is easily cleanable and the materials used are not harmful when operated in the refrigeration environment.

National Energy Technologies LLC has elevated the standard of excellence of Conservation Consulting Services by combining expertise in multiple utility reduction practices in a comprehensive yet holistic approach. We are a commercial facility conservation consultant specialist. Our firm will introduce, and consult on targeted technologies designed to maximize utility savings with the shortest ROI. Our techniques will save from 5 to 25% on electricity, cooling, water, or fuel, by correcting inefficiencies in; air conditioning, large refrigeration, lighting, laundry, compressed air, water flow and many other resource depleting activities. National Energy Technologies performs energy assessments, corporate counseling, public speaking, and can consult on demand response, deregulated energy contracts as well as ongoing energy modeling. Our technicians are efficiency specialists; and understand all aspects of large facility infrastructure. 800-984-0332

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