Refurbished Dodge Neon Engines Now for Sale in Passenger Car Inventory at

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Refurbished Dodge Neon engines are now included for online sale in the passenger car inventory at the website. These 2.0 Chrysler based motors are now reconditioned in the company facility and marked for a reduce price.

Refurbished Dodge Neon Engines
These motors are included for a reduced price to help owners of vehicles lower costs for replacing a 2.0 engine in a preowned Neon vehicle.

Chrysler launched its Neon in 1995 to provide fuel economy and a boost of horsepower for its compact vehicle series. The closure of the Neon as a brand for the Chrysler company has created shortages for the 2.0 engine in some areas of the U.S. The company is now providing refurbished Dodge Neon engines at a reduced price in its passenger car inventory at These motors are included for a reduced price to help owners of vehicles lower costs for replacing a 2.0 engine in a preowned Neon vehicle.

The demand for replacement engines has remained strong in most parts of the country due in part to individuals retaining ownership of vehicles for longer periods of time. High mileage engines that are replaced with a lower mileage count could help to extend the natural lifespan of vehicle ownership. Because recycled motors help extend performance, the inclusion of the 2.0 Neon Chrysler motors are offered to assist vehicle owners with more affordable engine upgrades.

Each engine block that is refurbished to OEM standards has been paired with the lower sticker price to provide one option for replacement for vehicle owners seeking higher quality compared with a used automobile engine.

"Warranty coverage is one additional inclusion that is offered with our recycled motors," a source from the company added. Protecting the OEM parts, labor and mechanical operation of a rebuilt engine is one effort now underway by this engine company to increase the consumer satisfaction that is placed into each build. "A three-year extension without a limit on mileage is now standard with each reconditioned unit," added the source. These packaged warranties are part of the incentives that are now included with every rebuild as one additional assurance for engine buyers.

As part of an initiative to increase output engine quality, testing tools and equipment have been upgraded this year to supply easier methods of calibration and performance measurements. The company now supplies dyno testing with each rebuilt motor. These industry standard tests now help company rebuilders to prove all OEM specs are current and contributing to the reliable performance of each motor.

These additional methods for testing the company reconditioned engines are supplied for no additional price increase for buyers of the Neon engines or existing engines in stock. Current pricing terms and warranty policy coverage is now distributed to buyers who request price quotations through the company toll-free number provided or online quotation system.


The company rebuilds domestic motors for cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks in North America. This company has built its track record as a refurbishing company through its dealings with trade industry companies. A changeover selling direct to consumers has improved the sales volume annually at this company and increased the demand for the company reconditioned motors. The company attaches a three-year extension policy for warranty coverage with each sale made from its inventory. The company price quotation system installed online for consumer use now supplies this information prior to refurbished engine orders.

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