Relationship Advice Therapist Creates New Website to Give Love Advice Online

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Relationship advice therapist, Randy Bennett, LMFT, has created a new website to give love advice online. This new website was created exclusively for women to use to find how to get back the lost love of a man without seeking expensive counseling or seminars that typically produce low results.

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Women that seek relationship advice could have few options outside of a clinical setting.

Relationship advice therapist, Randy Bennett, LMFT, has created a new website to give relationship advice and love advice to women. This new website has a recurring theme to help women get back the lost love of men without spending money on therapy sessions. The scientific methods that Randy uses to teach women come from his more than 20-year career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Specialist. Women will be able to connect emotionally again with men by using this new website as a training resource. The new website can be accessed at this link online.

Relationship issues are now the number one cause of divorce and separation in the United States. U.S. Census data has revealed that divorce rates are now at the highest levels and the demographic is split evenly among racial groups. Marriage counseling services have reported increased numbers of men and women that are seeking desperately needed marital advice as an alternative to divorce.

Issues with male and female relationships are one of the causes of divorce or separation in the United States. The U.S. Census data from 2010 has reported that divorce rates are down although separation data is not tracked. The data covers all racial groups and counseling services have access to this data to help plan for the current needs on a state and local level.

Women that seek relationship advice could have few options outside of a clinical setting. The new creation of this website and subsequent training is helping to provide an alternative to ladies searching for ways to connect with husbands or boyfriends again.

“Women that learn how to connect with men on the level that men can achieve a healthier relationship,” said Bennett inside of his website training.

The costs involved with marriage counseling and related services can be difficult for some to pay for due to the high unemployment rates that continues to exist in many U.S. states.
The science of relationships has been the study and debate of doctors and specialists for centuries. Published medical data has proven that the chemical Dopamine produced inside of the brain is one of the reactions that men receive during periods of happiness.

Doctors and scientists have studied relationships for decades. Medical journals have revealed information that reports that Dopamine, a chemical produced in the brain, is a soothing reaction that men feel when happiness or stimulation occurs. Women that can learn how to speak with men on a level that releases more of this chemical could cause a man to be happier in conversations according to Randy's website training.

Part of the reactions that men receive from women during a conversation can increase or decrease the level of Dopamine produced. A decrease in this chemical can cause a man to retract and disconnect from a relationship or family issue.

A reduction of the amount of Dopamine in a man's brand could cause a disconnection with things that he used to love. Some relationship problems could be solved by raising the level of Dopamine generated in a man's brain according to the new website.

Pricing for a counseling session with an expert therapist could be as high as $250 for each hour. Some therapists require women and men to attend more than one session to locate patterns in relationship issues.

The Melt Your Man's Heart website is offering the same quality of training at a reduced price. This training comes with a personal guarantee of the creator for 60 days. Both free and premium information is provided to women on this website.

About Melt Your Man's Heart

Randy Bennett, LMFT, created the new Melt Your Man's Heart website and training course. Randy has more than 25 years of experience counseling men and women with relationship issues. The e-training that is now available is provided as a cheaper alternative to professional counseling without the lengthy sessions. Ladies that access the Melt Your Man's Heart website and training get to take advantage of Randy's easy to use learning system. The same information presented online through this training is the same advance that would cost thousands going to clinical sessions.

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