American High Speed Cargo System (AHSCS) Could Create Millions of Jobs and Spark New Industrial Revolution

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A proposed network of highly automated ports combined with state-of-the-art high-speed trains could be the answer to the economic problems faced by the US today., the originator of the ideas, released details today on its website.

American High Speed Cargo System

The AHSCS project will create millions of jobs. It will launch the US into a solid path of recovery and technological innovation not seen since the race to the moon.

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RSS announced details of the proposed American High Speed Cargo System (AHSCS). This project, according to the website, has the potential to generate millions of jobs, spark innovation across a wide range of industries, improve the balance of trade and provide a solid path for financial stability in coming decades.

The fundamental premise in the proposal is that ocean-based transportation of cargo is expensive, contributes greatly to environmental pollution and is simply not sustainable as a long term world-wide strategy. This will certainly be true in the coming decades unless a better approach is found.

The article observes that the United States is uniquely positioned to create a solution. The proposed system will consist of a highly-automated network of ports to manage container traffic from cargo ships as well as a new purpose-built high-speed cargo railway system connecting the ports. Robotic trains will be tasked with moving the goods while under the control of intelligent scheduling systems that will optimize flow and reduce downtime. New nuclear power plants, wind and solar energy will be used to power the robotic train system, thereby providing the lowest energy costs and virtually no pollution. This would make the AHSCS the first nuclear powered train system in the world.

With rising costs of petroleum and the increasing number of ecological and socio-political issues surrounding many of its primary sources it is critical to start moving in a direction that creates independence from oil. The AHSCS could be the very first large-scale project with the potential to materially reduce the utilization of dirty bunker fuel for mass transportation of goods.

The AHSCS project will create millions of jobs in manufacturing, engineering and R&D during planning, design and construction. Once in operation millions of jobs will be fueled by the AHSCS and the technologies it will foster. The AHSCS will revitalize industries across a wide range of disciplines, from ironworks to robotics. The AHSCS will eliminate massive amounts of pollutants from our land, oceans and atmosphere. It will help equalize trade imbalances. It will position the US as a major hub for international commerce for decades and beyond. It will transform the US into a nation with the most efficient mass transportation infrastructure in the world. This is an undertaking that could sustain economic growth and technological innovation for decades to come with potential well into the next century. believes that the AHSCS holds the key to real and sustainable economic and industrial recovery for the United States on a platform of technological innovation across varied disciplines that could only be compared to the effort that put a man on the moon –a feat that no other nation has been able to match decades later.

Details on the proposal can be found here: The American High Speed Cargo System

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