The Second Coming: Win Prizes in, the History-making Web 2.0 Social Gathering that Promotes Religious Tolerance through Fun and Games

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Are you going to Heaven? Here's an extra incentive: A prize awaits you in "Heaven" when you sign up for free. The first faith-based Web 2.0 site in history, LineForHeaven is open to all faiths and feels anyone should be able to get into Heaven. Nobody will be denied entry on basis of their faith, and the only requirement is to do good deeds. The Second Coming boasts over ten fun yet meaningful features, including the social causes feature, while being free for users and a great place for advertisers.

Why the senseless killings in the Middle East? Promote religious tolerance by signing up for free and enjoying a laugh at, the site that feels that not taking oneself and one's beliefs too seriously is the first step toward religious tolerance around the globe. The first website from iMoments, Inc., offers, for the first time in history, online salvation and the ability to make a reservation with "God" in "Heaven". Now in wide release, will also give prizes to "Angels," those users inducted into "Heaven".

Designed like a board game, is the hot, new Web 2.0 social gathering for people who want to go to "Heaven". The rules are simple: Those with the most Karma Points may earn a chance to become "Closer to God" and get a free gift. The first faith-based Web 2.0 site in history, LineForHeaven is open to all faiths and feels anyone should be able to get into Heaven. The only requirement is to do good deeds.

No Direct Competition for Earth-shattering Concept

LineForHeaven is conceptually the most unique website since the ultra-successful HotOrNot and MillionDollarHomePage. Focusing just on the social arena, there exist the MySpaces and the Facebooks, but there are no truly competitive faith-based alternatives. And none of the available sites incorporate gaming, social gathering, auctioning, and advertising in such a novel approach. Without being too self-important and serious, LineForHeaven offers users the opportunity to save their "Soul" and determine their worthiness for "Heaven" by earning Karma Points. Finally, here is a website where believers and non-believers can unite in a light-hearted, non-hostile environment.

With LineForHeaven's rapid photo browsing gallery, advertisers can get a "God's Eye View" of the people who are looking at their ads. For extra incentive, people even get points by clicking on ads, making LineForHeaven a hot place to advertise. LineForHeaven also eliminates the pain points of other novel sites. For example, for its youth-oriented membership, MySpace faces safety concerns that do not exist for LineForHeaven. Thousands of people have been visiting just to browse profiles, making the site a hot, new online place to promote one's work (e.g. movies, music, art). New users are encouraged to register for free and become a VIP member now, before LineForHeaven becomes too crowded like MySpace.

Over Ten Fun Yet Meaningful Features

Backed by popular demand, users can now fully communicate with each other through our free "Soul-to-Soul" messaging feature. On the "Daily To Do" page, one can answer quiz, poll, and feedback questions as an easy way to rack up the Karma Points.

LineForHeaven features two lines, the main one for users only and the Temptation Line for both users and advertisers. In the Temptation Line on the left, an advertiser or user's position is determined probabilistically, such that the advertiser or user with the highest number of Temptation Points has the highest chance of being featured at the top spot of the line.

In the main line, a user's position is based deterministically on the number of Karma Points, like experience points in role-playing games. One can move up in line by confessing, repenting, forgiving, blessing, donating/tithing, spreading the word, tasting temptations sparingly, and, most importantly, supporting worthy social causes. All these fun activities help a user and his/her friends accumulate Karma Points so that one can get ahead in line and, when "Judgment Day" comes every Sunday, be most likely to win a prize, be inducted into "Heaven", and "One Degree From God". The person with the highest Karma at 7 PM PST each Sunday becomes an "Angel," featured in this VIP space at the top of every page. The VIP "Heaven" space also showcases, in the rightmost seven spots, "Angels in Waiting" with the most daily activity and thus most likely to succeed.'s online presence also includes three YouTube trailers and the new Facebook application, LineForHeaven, which all can be accessed at .

About iMoments, Inc.:

Founded in 2007, iMoments, Inc., features a team that includes an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. from Stanford University as well as world-class Web 2.0 developers, specializing in PHP and Ajax. Privately held and funded and based in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Livermore, CA, iMoments, Inc. can be reached at .


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