Lost Colony Site Discovered Through Remote Viewing

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Time Team America, a PBS television series of archaeology unearthed post holes at Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, Roanoke Island, North Carolina as seen on their 07-08-09 episode 'Fort Raleigh'. Sam Sumner, Director of the Lost Colony Project claims the post holes are the northern corner of a previously documented and described wall by remote viewer George McMullen in 1995.

I'm going out on a limb, this looks like early 17th century building posts.

The Lost Colony Project announces that a site at the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site on Roanoke Island, North Carolina has been identified on the basis of guidance using a scientific protocol called Remote Viewing which allows individuals, using only the power of their minds, to describe persons, places, or events, from which they are shielded because of the interposition of either time or space, or both.

Canadian Remote Viewer, George McMullen of British Columbia, perhaps the best known Archaeological Remote Viewer ever studied by science, provided The Lost Colony Project, in the person of its Director, Sam Sumner, with the location of the previously unknown location, including highly specific descriptive information as to what would be found. This technique has been previously used for archaeological work that resulted in the discovery of Cleopatra's Palace, and Mark Antony's Timonium, in Alexandria Egypt -- in which McMullen also participated -- and by the CIA, for intelligence work.

In 1995 McMullen visited the site, and produced what he calls an intuitive survey. He described and gave a party of archaeologists, park rangers and a museum curator a tour of the settlement of the lost colonists living in a long house surrounded by a wall. McMullen went on to describe the locations of three bodies, a soldier's barracks, powder shed, storage area, dock and a well.

Time Team America, a PBS TV series excavated and filmed this recognized McMullen Site at the Fort Raleigh Historic Site and broadcast the process and the findings. Post holes were unearthed which are the northern corner of a previously known wall dubbed "The McMullen Wall" by Sam Sumner. Archeologist Eric Deetz in the PBS episode said "I'm going out on a limb, this looks like early 17th century building posts."

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