Reputation Changer Reviews: Business Owners Exposed to New Dangers on the Internet

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A new article highlights one of the sobering realities of doing business in the Digital Age—namely, that rumors and misinformation can spread like wildfire on the Internet, and ultimately cost a business greatly. That’s why more business owners are turning their attention to online reputation management firms, like Reputation Changer.

For business owners seeking to get the word out about their company’s products and services, the Internet offers incredible possibilities. There is another side to every coin, however, and a recent Entrepreneur article suggests that more and more business owners are experiencing the dark side of doing commerce in the Digital Age. Entrepreneur highlights the fact that, just as surely as the Internet can spread positive information and brand-enhancing content, it also allows for harmful rumors and misinformation to spread like wildfire. Business owners who find themselves on the receiving end of this harsh treatment are turning, more and more often, to companies like Reputation Changer.

And the Entrepreneur piece provides a graphic illustration of just how vital the online reputation management services of companies like Reputation Changer truly are. The article highlights a Washington-based real estate agent who found herself embroiled in a petty feud with a rival agent. Her adversary was well-connected to the blogging world, and soon the first agent saw the Internet plastered with libelous accusations and attacks on her character. A negative article about her even showed up on a leading industry website.

It goes without saying that her business suffered, but so, too, did her personal life. The online smear campaign resulted in angry messages from readers and potential clients, and in one case there was even a veiled threat against the realtor’s daughter. According to Justin Singletary, the Chief Executive Officer of Reputation Changer, this all goes to illustrate just how effective an online smear campaign can be. “It’s not just that online rumors, reviews, and misinformation can be embarrassing, but they can seriously damage or even destroy a business,” Singletary confirms.

Indeed, what the Entrepreneur illustration shows is that online information, whether true or false, can incite action among users and potential clients. According to Singletary, this is true in a wide variety of ways.

“There’s no doubt that negative online reviews or articles can change the minds and affect the actions of your client base,” he confirms. “People like to do what others have done, so if there are negative comments about your business online, that’s going to encourage users to post even more negative comments. One rumor or negative review can open the floodgates of bad PR.”

But companies like Reputation Changer provide a solution. According to Entrepreneur, business owners all over the country have experienced the positive results of online reputation management for themselves. The article notes that business owners who enlist services like Singletary’s typically see results in the form of those negative listings falling off the first page of an online search engine, with their own, positive content regaining prominence.

And Singletary says that Reputation Changer’s services are individualized to meet whatever online reputation management needs that a business owner may have. “Reputation Changer reviews every case and comes up with a customized plan of action,” he enthuses. “While some companies use a template approach, Reputation Changer builds each campaign from scratch. That enables us to have success in working with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.”

Ultimately, Singletary says online reputation management is about redeeming damaged companies from savage or unfair online attacks. “When rumors and bad reviews start to pile up, it’s hard to know how to fight back,” he concludes. “That’s why it’s often helpful to call in the professionals.”


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