Reputation Changer: Scam Allegations Call for Reputation Defense

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Scam allegations can prove disastrous for a business of any kind—but companies like Reputation Changer offer methods of reputation repair and defense.

In the world of business, there are few words more damning than “scam.” When a business develops a reputation for dishonesty, for fraudulence, or for being anything less than open and forthright with its client base, it quickly sees that client base diminish. It is vital, then, for companies to maintain positive reputations and to avoid any hint of wrongdoing—but the Internet can make this difficult. A recent article from a restaurant industry publication notes that consumers are growing more and more trusting when it comes to the reviews and information they read online; as such, a negative online review, or an online article invoking the word “scam,” can utterly ruin a business. For this reason, more and more companies, in all industries, are turning to professional reputation defense services, such as Reputation Changer.

The article in question makes note of recent Nielsen survey numbers, which indicate the high level of trust that consumers have in online reviews and other forms of Web-based information. In fact, Nielsen finds that 72 percent of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations; meanwhile, 70 percent trust consumer opinions that are posted to the Web.

Reputation Changer has issued a press statement, responding to this data and to the implications it has for businesses. Cliff Stein, Reputation Changer’s Chief Executive Officer, says the ramifications of this study should have businesses on guard. “What these figures indicate is that consumers trust the online reviews they read,” Stein observes. “Not only do consumers seek out online information before they make a major purchase, but they place a great deal of stock in what they read. As such, a business that is strapped with bad reviews, or with scam allegations, has a real reputation problem—and that problem will very quickly lead to lost sales.”

Stein remarks that these reputation problems are prevalent in today’s online world. “At Reputation Changer, scam rumors are growing increasingly common all the time, with plenty of the clients that come to us facing unscrupulous charges of dishonesty,” he confirms. “Companies come to us because they have been accused of running fraudulent operations, even if they are totally honest and on the level. Whether these scam accusations are true is irrelevant; if they are out there, posted to the Web, then they are doing damage to the company in question.”

Stein goes on to note that even good, upright companies can fall victim to these scam rumors. “Many business owners believe that because they are honest and they treat customers well, there is no way they could ever sustain this kind of reputation damage,” the Reputation Changer CEO comments. “The sad reality is, scam allegations and defamatory comments can assail any company, any time, anywhere. Those allegations could come from consumers, from competitors, or from disgruntled former employees.”

If defamatory online listings are potent, however, they are not impossible to combat. “The bad news is that there is no way to stop scam accusations from happening, but there are ways to minimize the damage done, and even to make these accusations non-issues,” Stein continues. “At Reputation Changer, scam allegations are taken seriously, and are combated aggressively and strategically.”

Combating these scam accusations largely entails what Stein calls “suppression.” Reputation Changer effectively inundates the Web with positive, brand-enhancing content about their client; this content is used to push the defamatory content off the first page of search results. “We try to get it out of the way, so that very few consumers will ever see the negative stuff, and those scam allegations essentially become non-issues,” Stein concludes. “Our goal is to present the client in the best light possible, no matter what kinds of allegations are out there.”


Reputation Changer is widely known as one of the leading names in online reputation management and defense. Founded in 2009 by a peerless group of Internet sales and marketing pros, SEO experts, and social media gurus, Reputation Changer delivers best-in-class services in reputation monitoring and repair. The company’s zeal is for giving businesses and individuals control over how they are portrayed on the World Wide Web.

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