Reputation Changer: Complaints are Double-Edged Sword for Businesses

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A new report shows that some major brands listen to, and address, consumer complaints—but in other instances, complaints can be more harmful than helpful, leading companies to enlist the services of agencies like Reputation Changer.

Consumer complaints, when posted to the Internet, can have a real effect—something a new report from The Christian Science Monitor makes clear. The article notes that many consumers are prone to posting complaints and concerns about their automobiles online; many of these consumers may assume that this feedback is an exercise in futility, but, in reality, many car companies are making an effort to locate these complaints and concerns, and to address them appropriately. The article affirms that Chrysler, GM, and Ford are just three of the automotive companies that make it a priority to obtain user feedback, via Google, and pay it real consideration. This marks a truly constructive approach to online criticism on the part of these car companies; sometimes, however, such a constructive approach is simply not possible, leading companies to pursue the complaint suppression services of firms like Reputation Changer.

For Reputation Changer, complaints and negative online reviews are something of a two-edged sword for businesses of all kinds. Cliff Stein, the CEO of Reputation Changer, explains the company’s perspective in a new statement to the press. “What these car companies illustrate is that, when consumer complaints are reasonable and seem to want a real resolution, they can actually be very helpful,” Stein remarks. “However, anyone who spends much time on the Web knows that consumer comments and complaints are hardly constructive or reasonable all the time.”

The article in The Christian Science Monitor acknowledges as much, noting that consumers who post complaints to the Internet may find themselves in the same company as countless bloggers and consumer forums. “The bottom line is that the Internet allows people to say whatever they want,” Stein offers. “As such, there may be plenty of legitimate complaints and consumer reviews out there, but there are also a lot of really unreasonable and disreputable reviews.”

Stein says that these are the negative listings that can prove disadvantageous to businesses. “You can try to isolate the reasonable criticisms and complaints, and address them constructively, but there is no real way to handle the unreasonable comments constructively,” he notes.

The consequences of these unreasonable reviews can prove dire. “At Reputation Changer, complaints from unreasonable consumers are considered to be major threats to any business’ success,” observes Stein. He says that these complaints can lead to lost sales, a diminishing customer base, and even an increased rate of refund requests. “Consumers are increasingly turning to the Web to make informed decisions, so if a company is besieged by complaints or online attacks, it can literally ruin their business,” Stein affirms.

What is more, the Reputation Changer CEO says that online complaints are not always furnished by real consumers. “Many of these scathing reviews and complaints are totally illegitimate,” says Stein. “They can be planted by former employees, or from current employees who are unhappy at work. They can even come from business competitors. Again, businesses must be cautious, because complaints and bad reviews can be posted at any time, by any person, whether they are based in truth or not.”

The good news for businesses beset with bad reviews and online complaints is that companies like Reputation Changer can help. “The one thing we cannot do is keep consumers from posting what they want to post, but at Reputation Changer, we can help businesses take control of their online image,” Stein notes.

The company’s tactics involve suppression. “We may not be able to remove complaints, but we can render them virtually non-existent,” says Stein. “We will seek to flood the Web with positive content about the brand, pushing those negatives out of the way and ensuring that the client’s brand is given every opportunity to shine.”


Reputation Changer is the world’s leading online reputation management agency. Founded in 2009, the company is devoted to helping brands and individuals control and manage the way they are portrayed on the Internet. The company employs a team of seasoned Internet sales and marketing professionals, including content writers, account executives, social media experts, and SEO technicians. Reputation Changer has provided its services to companies from a multitude of different industries, as well as to private citizens and even political officials. Led by CEO Cliff Stein, Reputation Changer is committed to offering review suppression and brand enhancement services to its clients.

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