Reputation Changer: Scam Allegations Affect Businesses of All Kinds

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A recent Los Angeles Times article rounds up a variety of new Internet scams—but Reputation Changer says online scams are not always as clear-cut as they seem.

In a recent round-up of newly-identified online scams, The Los Angeles Times makes it clear that the Internet is rife with duplicity and deceit. The article notes that the Federal Trade Commission is reportedly paying millions of dollars to consumers who were taken in by an online “work from home” scam. The same article notes that another variety of online huckster is offering fake legal credentials and fooling people into paying for disreputable “legal services.” The article makes plain that, for the online consumer, vigilance is paramount; according to a company called Reputation Changer, however, online scam allegations are not always as clear-cut as they might first appear.

Reputation Changer is an online reputation monitoring and management company, devoted to helping companies and individuals control the way they are portrayed online. Reputation Changer supports the idea of consumers protecting themselves from fraud, but also believes that scam allegations can have a serious impact on businesses—especially when the scam allegations turn out to be untrue. Reputation Changer CEO Cliff Stein has responded to the recent article with a statement to the press.

“At Reputation Changer, scam allegations are taken very seriously, but at the same time, they are regarded with a certain degree of skepticism,” Stein explains. “On the one hand, there are many businesses that really are trying to scam consumers, and it is vital that they be brought to justice. At the same time, Reputation Changer has assisted many clients who have been erroneously accused of fraud, and we know that the effects of these allegations can be extreme.”

Stein goes on to say that false scam reports abound in the online world. “On the Internet, people can say or do whatever they want,” he explains. “Consumers can post reviews of companies and products, and they can write anything that comes to mind. As such, a lot of online reviews and scam reports are not based in fact at all. They are dishonest and defamatory, and they can seriously hurt businesses.” Stein goes on to note that the sources of these fraudulent scam charges can be diverse. “Fake scam accusations can be written by disgruntled consumers, frustrated employees, and ruthless business rivals,” the Reputation Changer CEO explains.

Because scam allegations do not have to be based in fact, Stein says no company is truly safe from them. “At Reputation Changer, scam reports are considered to be ever-present threats for brands of all kinds,” he affirms. “We encounter many business owners who know that their products are superior and their business methods honest, so they assume that they could never find themselves subjected to scam reports, or even to bad reviews. Again, though, these defamatory online listings do not have to be grounded in reality, so no brand is impervious to them.”

The consequences of scam allegations are brutal. “Consumers these days do their due diligence in checking out a brand on the Internet, so you can bet that they are going to find out about any scam allegations,” Stein explains. “As such, these allegations can result in lost business, diminished sales, and more. For businesses of any kind, scam allegations can be ruinous.”

Reputation Changer is a company that seeks to help companies defend themselves against online defamation. “It may be true that businesses cannot prevent consumers from writing defamatory things about them, but that does not mean there is nothing they can do to protect themselves,” he continues. “Reputation Changer’s reputation management services can give businesses the tools they need to suppress undesirable online listings, and to instead highlight positive, brand-enhancing content.”

Stein says the firm’s goal is simply to give brands control over how they are portrayed online. “No company should have to face erroneous, potentially devastating charges of misconduct,” he concludes. “Reputation Changer is committed to helping brands ward off online attack.”


Reputation Changer known to many as the world’s #1 online reputation management company. Founded in 2009, Reputation Changer’s passion is for giving individuals and businesses control over how they are portrayed on the Internet. The company is made up of account executives, online marketing veterans, SEO pros, social media gurus, and content developers. Reputation Changer’s clients include Fortune 500 brands, small businesses, private citizens, and public figures, including elected officials.

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