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We Are Snot Amused – Tv’s Sickest Game Show Recruits Fame-Hungry Brits.

(PRWEB UK) 8 October 2012

Desperate Brits wannabes are battling it out for a shot at fame in the world’s sickest ever game show.

Contenders will scrap it out to win the £10,000 top prize by eating human snot, munching on foot sweat sandwiches – and, most disgusting of all, drinking tea made from used Tampax.

‘Eating crickets or worms is old hat for British viewers,’ claimed a show insider. ‘We know you British will go to any lengths to get your 15-minutes of fame. our research showed us that more than half of young British people don’t want to study to achieve success. they would much rather do something outrageous to get fame – like the late jade goody who made millions after getting her ‘kebab’ out on live television all those years ago.’

Fiendish show bosses then came up with the most gut-wrenching set of challenges ever seen on a game show anywhere in the world! But even that hasn’t deterred the game-for-a-giggle young Brits aged between 18-27.

‘Obviously people are shocked by the snot sandwiches and Tampax teabags but we have plenty more up our sleeves than that,’ said the show source.

‘Perhaps our most terrifying forfeit is having to eat a dead rat stuffed with maggots. We’re also cooking up a delicious pie made with powdered human toe nails.

‘We reckon young Brits are the craziest people in the world – even madder than us Russians. Nothing will stop them if they are determined to grab fame not even a bogey sandwich!’

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We Are Snot Amused – Tv’s Sickest Game Show Recruits Fame-Hungry Brits

We Are Snot Amused – Tv’s Sickest Game Show Recruits Fame-Hungry Brits