Start Your Own Web Hosting Company and Generate a Passive Income

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There are tons of people doing it, none of them have or need technical know how. It's not earning them a huge living but in times of economic crisis, it's sure helping put hundreds of extra dollars in their pocket on a regular basis! Tim Williams and Start Your Server have now made this possible for anyone to achieve.

After working with Start Your Server, I have found their support is absolutely amazing and they handle everything for you. Your inexpensive hosting reseller account awaits you!

It is now possible for anyone to instantly create their own web hosting company (Hosting Reseller) for around $25 per month because of a brilliant new service called Start Your Server. This service allows you to resell their hosting space to a healthy profit on a completely 'set and forget' basis. Anyone can be up and running in 15 minutes after reading this press release.

Tim Williams, CEO of 1 Cent Web Hosting and Start Your Server have teamed up to bring this service directly to the public.

There is a huge market for website hosting and Reseller Web Hosting. Documents, photos, movies and more are being shared across the internet by billions of people every day and millions of internet users are starting their own personal blogs and web pages. While many people sit inside the box, Start Your Server has created huge opportunities for people across the globe to put themselves in a profitable position between these consumers and the technology behind it.

They have now made it possible to start your own web hosting company without any technical know how.

Tim Williams, (1 Cent Web Hosting) said, "Simply put, lets say you buy an apple for a dollar, cut it into 10 pieces and sell each piece for 70 cents, then you have $7 minus $1 = $6 profit."

People are buying reseller web hosting for around the $25/month mark, then splitting up their account in to hundreds of other accounts that are being purchased for around $15/month by anyone and everyone starting a website, just wanting to get email addresses or whatever they feel like using it for.

"I'm not going to brag about the potential of a maximized reseller like $25/month = 1 reseller split into 250 x 1gigabyte accounts = $3750/month. While a lot of people are achieving this, we're going to assume people starting out have absolutely no experience in web hosting and are going to let this run on autopilot," said Tim

Here's how Start Your Server works: Let's realistically say someone pays $25/month and only splits their account by 20. This gives them the opportunity to make a direct profit by levering a small $25 and turning it into a completely passive $300/month (minus the $25 cost).

This $25 value can be split up and retail a similar value because the product is just inexpensive hard disk space and the cost of providing more or less is barely even worth mentioning.

"Remember, what's important here is these smart people aren't doing anything too technical; they're just putting them self in a position to take a decent profit from minimal resources," said Tim.

While this type of start-up has previously been out of reach of most people, now it is possible and making a ton of people money is because of the resources that are readily available at their finger tips at: Start your own web hosting server.

Tim said, "After working with Start Your Server, I have found their support is absolutely amazing and they handle everything for you. Your inexpensive hosting reseller account awaits you!"

When asked about why people think other people fail at making money online, Tim replied, "It's about working smarter, not harder and all of the little things add up. People that tell you there's no money to be made online have either set ridiculous unreachable goals or expected the world out of one small thing. The secret is creating multiple streams of passive income so if one dies out, you're eggs aren't in the same basket. Consider this opportunity an egg to put in your basket. Not a giant one, just enough to help you along... It's too easy!"

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