Procter & Gamble, The Coca-Cola Company, Hewlett-Packard and Google Get "O.P.E.N. for Business" at Resource Interactive iCitizen Symposium : Client Symposium Explores Future of Open Branding, Digital Marketing and Technology

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Resource Interactive:

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Resource Interactive's iCitizen Symposium: The OPEN Imperative


Resource Interactive, one of the nation's preeminent digital marketing agencies, invites members of the media to its iCitizen Client Symposium. iCitizen: The OPEN Imperative is an invitation-only event where Resource Interactive clients and partners gather together for networking, beta 'first looks' and super-charged dialogue. This intimate event gathers Resource Interactive leadership, Fortune 500 executives, industry experts and visionaries to explore the future of open branding, digital marketing and technology.


The Ohio State University Fischer College of Business; The Blackwell Auditorium   WHO/WHEN

Days 1 and 2: May 20 (8:30 am to 5 pm ET) and May 21 (8:30 am to 12:30 pm ET)

  Day 1: TUESDAY, MAY 20 8:30-8:45

Opening Remarks: Nancy Kramer--CEO and Founder, Resource Interactive




iTalk: Kelly Mooney--President and CXO, Resource Interactive, co-author of The Open Brand

  Topic: The Open Imperative

What began as a digital movement championing the values of participation, collaboration, transparency and authenticity has emerged as a macrotrend. Widening our view of openness to spheres ranging from politics to environmentalism will prepare us for the next phase of the web--the open web, with its interoperable ecosystem and new consumer experiences.   9:15-10:15 Keynote: Joseph Jaffe--Author, Join the Conversation

  Topic: Are You Still Just Communicating? All movements have a guru and Jaffe is leading the charge of conversational marketing by urging marketers to cease the monologue and join the dialogue. Case studies, cautionary tales and a thorough how-to approach help marketers make the most of the social web.   10:45-11:45 Panel: And Community Makes Three   Moderator: Susan Ashley--Executive Director, Client Services, Resource Interactive Adam Brown--Director, Digital Communications, The Coca-Cola Company Jan Valentic--SVP of Marketing, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Stan Joosten--Innovation Manager, Holistic Consumer Communication, Procter & Gamble Megabrands like The Coca-Cola Company, P&G and Scotts have been talking with individual consumers for ages, but with the power of consumer communities, even the seasoned pros have to reinvent everything from organizational structures to entirely new consumer-facing roles.   12:00 -1:30 Lunch Speaker: Marsha Collier--Author, over 15 books on eBay   Topic: My Life as an iCitizen One of the world's most recognized eBay authorities shares her success story--how she used the tools of the social web to redefine her career and how eBay embraced her efforts.   1:30-2:30 Keynote: Duncan Watts--Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research   Topic: Influential or Insignificant? Duncan rivets us with his empirical approach and application of network theory to sociology. So when he encourages brands to extend the conversation beyond the elite few and interact with networks on a vaster, exponential level, we can't help but listen.   2:30-3:00 iTalk: Steve Knox--CEO, Tremor   Topic: Lynchpins of Communication Steve and the crack team at Tremor believe in the power of the influential and have built brands connecting with these elusive individuals using the tools of the social web. Just how much influence do they really offer anyway?   3:30-4:30 Panel: What Consumers Can Do   Moderator: Molly Metzger - Innovation Consultant, Resource Interactive Sam Decker--CMO, Bazaarvoice Tim Smith--Chief Strategy Officer, Lemonade, Inc. Manish Chandra--CEO, Kaboodle Adam Weinroth--Director of Product Marketing, Pluck   Even card-carrying believers of the value creation of online consumer advocates need to learn more about how to better support their efforts. The companies on this panel will share their unique approaches to word-of-mouth advocacy by tapping the consumer's motivation to create, share and influence.   4:30-5:00 iTalk: Tom Venable--EVP, InnoCentive   Topic: The Allure of Open Innovation Through an open call, progressive organizations can fast-track R&D and traditional product development by reaching out to some of the world's most creative thinkers--icitizens who thrive on solving tough challenges and accelerating change.   Day 2: WEDNESDAY, MAY 21 8:30-9:30

Keynote: Doc Searls--Harvard Fellow at the Berkman Center, Co-author, The Cluetrain Manifesto

  Topic: Next on the Open Horizon Web visionary Searls isn't much interested in making the current ad-centric "attention economy" more engaging. He wants to replace it altogether with an "intention economy" that matches consumers' intent to purchase a specific product with any and all relevant brands. Is this nirvana for marketers or does this economy render them obsolete? And will Searls's Vendor Relationship Management get us there?   9:30-10:15 Panel: Personal & Portable   Moderator: Doc Searls--Harvard Fellow at the Berkman Center Rooley Eliezerov--President and Co-founder, Gigya

Bill Washburn--Executive Director, Open ID Kelly O'Neill--Commerce Product Marketing Director, ATG   Customer identity and content management helps merchants create the utmost in personalized shopping experiences at key online touchpoints, from e-commerce site to call center to email. What happens when personal identity data traverses the web freely, untethered to any single merchant's web site or campaigns? When it takes on the dimensions of a real human, with personal photos, shopping preferences, favorite web links and that individual's social graph? RSS and widgets have made portable data a reality, presaging a web that is fluid and interconnected. But the real value of data portability for brands and consumers can't be realized without widespread adoption of a shared system or language. Doc Searls leads this panel of insiders in a discussion of what's at stake and who stands to gain the most.   10:30-11:15 Panel: Have Phone, Will Travel (the Web)   Moderator: Troy Gibson--Director, Technology, Resource Interactive John Harrobin--SVP of Marketing and Digital Media, Verizon Will Hodgman--CEO, M:Metrics Riccardo Spina--Formerly Senior Director of Digital Media, Integrated Marketing, Wal-Mart   We're near the watershed moment for mobile in the US, as data services finally catch hold. So what applications will your consumers want most? How should you use text, advertising and search for more consumer value? What kind of content is right for the small screen? Hear the experts discuss ways to integrate mobile into your consumer's brand experience and what technologies you'll need to support it.   11:15-11:45 iTalk: Avinash Kaushik--Analytics Evangelist, Google   Topic: A Battle Cry for Qualitative Metrics Author, blogger and analytics evangelist Avinash shares his unique insider's perspective on metrics that matter and metrics that are missing, or rather, what management misses when they train their gaze exclusively on a web site's macroconversions. "Microconversions" measure all the other valuable on-site behavior unrelated to purchase, and Avinash thinks it's time we got on with the revolution in qualitative metrics and analytics, if we're to do justice to consumer engagement.   11:45-12:30 Panel: Who Keeps Moving the Goalpost?   Moderator: Laura Evans--Executive Director, Retail Practice, Resource Interactive Dr. Robert Leone--Professor, Texas Christian University Pete Blackshaw--CMO, Nielsen Online Steve Kahn--VP of Internet Marketing, DSW Paul Horstmeier--VP of, Hewlett-Packard   While some marketers focus on engagement, others have singled out consumer advocacy as the online behavior most worth measuring. Still others care only about straightforward satisfaction scores and conversion rates. It's clear that choosing the appropriate framework takes work, and this panel's experts represent the full range of approaches, from customer referral value to buzz monitoring to click-through rates, email and e-commerce conversion rates, and the latest advertising metric: Pay-for-Performance. HOW:

This event is open to members of the media by invitation. To get one, please contact: Holly N. Davis, Resource Interactive Mobile: 614 309 7287 phone

Email: [email protected]

See for live updates and more info.

You can also follow the event on Twitter: @icitizen.

About Resource Interactive

Resource Interactive is one of the nation's preeminent digital marketing agencies, helping Fortune 500 companies thrive in the evolving internet economy with award-winning digital strategy, creative and technology solutions. Known for its revolutionizing consumer insights, leading edge interactive design and technological innovation, Resource Interactive is ranked among the top ten independent interactive agencies in the nation.

Unique in the industry as female-founded, owned and operated, Resource Interactive has grown over its 26-year history from its first marketing relationship with Apple to ongoing partnerships with clients such as Procter & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, Wal-Mart, The Coca-Cola Company, Victoria's Secret, Sherwin-Williams and L.L. Bean, among others. For more information, visit

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