Science and Consciousness Day 1 Speakers Announced for March 2012 Chopra Foundation Symposium

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The Chopra Foundation is pleased to announce the schedule of events planned for the opening day of the three-day Sages and Scientists Symposium in Carlsbad, California March 3-5.

responsible leadership

Deepak Chopra, MD

The world is in for a shake up as a historic lineup of distinguished scientists, leaders, and humanitarians make plans to gather next month to address the most important scientific, social, and spiritual questions of our time at the Chopra Foundation’s Third Annual Sages and Scientists Symposium, being held at the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California Saturday, March 3 through Monday, March 5, 2012.

The Foundation has just released the following names of the speakers who will address the audience on Day 1. A brief bio of each speaker follows.

  • Deepak Chopra – Opening and Welcome
  • Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D. – Balancing the Four Phases of the Mind for Higher Consciousness
  • Joel Primack, Ph.D. – Consciousness of the Cosmos
  • Nancy Abrams, JD. – Cosmic Consciousness in the Real Universe
  • Menas Kafatos, Ph.D. – The Riddle of Consciousness
  • Henry Stapp, Ph.D. – How Free Will Affects the Universe
  • Michael Shermer, Ph.D. – The Believing Brain
  • J. Ivy – Words That Heal: Speaking Power into Life
  • Vilayanur S Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D. – The Self: Neurology and Metaphysics

Deepak Chopra is the founder of the Chopra Foundation and co-founder and chairman of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness.

Chopra is the recipient of numerous honors, including the 2010 Goi Peace Award, 2010 Starlite Humanitarian Award, 2010 Art for Life Honoree, 2009 Oceana Partners Award, 2006 Ellis Island Medal of Honor presented by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations Foundation, 2006 Trailblazer Award by the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, and 2002 Einstein Humanitarian Award through Albert Einstein College of Medicine in collaboration with the American Journal of Psychotherapy.

Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D. is a Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and author of Decoding Darkness: The Search for the Genetic Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Tansi’s research is primarily aimed at identifying and characterizing Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-associated gene mutations/variants with the ultimate goal of defining the molecular, cellular, and biochemical events leading to neuronal cell death in the brains of AD patients.

Joel Primack, Ph.D. is a Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who specializes in the formation and evolution of galaxies and the nature of the dark matter that makes up most of the matter in the universe.

Dr. Primack received his A.B. from Princeton in 1966 and his Ph.D. from Stanford in 1970. He was then a Junior Fellow of the Society of Fellows of Harvard University. After helping to create what is now called the “Standard Model” of particle physics, Primack was made a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) in 1988 “for pioneering contributions to gauge theory and cosmology.” He was elected to the Executive Committee of the APS Division of Astrophysics 2001-2002. He has won awards for his research from the A. P. Sloan Foundation and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Nancy Abrams, JD. is the co-author, with world-renowned cosmologist Joel R. Primack, of The New Universe and the Human Future: How a Shared Cosmology Could Transform the World (Yale University Press, 2011) and The View from the Center of the Universe: Discovering Our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos (Penguin/Riverhead, 2006).

Abrams has a bachelor’s degree in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Chicago, a law degree from the University of Michigan, and a diploma in international trade and law from the Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City.

Dr. Menas Kafatos, Ph.D. is Vice Chancellor for Special Projects and also Dean of the Schmid College of Science, Director of the Center for Excellence in Applied, Computational, and Fundamental Science, and The Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics at Chapman University.

Dr. Kafatos has published numerous books including The Conscious Universe, the Non-local Universe (with Robert Nadeau, Springer-Verlag), Principles of Integrative Science (with Mihai Draganescu, Romanian Academy of Sciences Press), and more than 250 articles on computational science, astrophysics, Earth systems science, hazards and global change, general relativity, cosmology, foundations of quantum theory, and consciousness.

Henry Stapp, Ph.D. is a theoretical physicist at the University of California’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, specializing in the conceptual and mathematical foundations of quantum theory, and in particular in the quantum aspects of the relationship between our streams of conscious experience and the physical processes occurring in our brains.

Dr. Stapp worked closely with Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, and John Wheeler, and is author of two books on the quantum mechanical foundation of the connection between mind and matter: Mind, Matter, and Quantum Mechanics; and Mindful Universe: Quantum Mechanics and the Participating Observer. These works lay the foundation for a science-based approach to the question of human free will.

Michael Shermer, Ph.D. is the Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, the host of the Skeptics Distinguished Science Lecture Series at Caltech, and Adjunct Professor at Claremont Graduate University and Chapman University.

Dr. Shermer is the author of The Mind of the Market, Why Darwin Matters: Evolution and the Case Against Intelligent Design; Science Friction: Where the Known Meets the Unknown; and The Science of Good and Evil: Why People Cheat, Gossip, Share, Care, and Follow the Golden Rule.

J. Ivy is a poet, author, live and voice-over actor, model, photographer, and song writer. He is the first of his kind when it comes to the art of hip hop poetry and has taken the art of poetry directly to today’s mainstream music and television arenas.

His motivational motto, “Dreams Don’t Come True, They Are True,” has guided him from his native home Chicago to becoming a Grammy-Award-winning artist. At his breathtaking performances for people of all ages and his appearances on countless television networks, J. Ivy’s passionate delivery always leaves spectators transfixed in a state of inspiration, and because of that he is recognized all over the planet.

Vilayanur S Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D. is Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition and Professor with the Psychology Department and Neurosciences Program at the University of California, San Diego, and Adjunct Professor of Biology at the Salk Institute.

Dr. Ramachandran has published over 180 papers in scientific journals (including five invited review articles in the Scientific American). He is author of the acclaimed book Phantoms in the Brain, which has been translated into nine languages and formed the basis for a two-part series on Channel Four TV (UK) and a 1 hour PBS special in USA. Newsweek magazine has named him a member of “The Century Club” – one of the “hundred most prominent people to watch in the next century.”

The public and press are invited to come together for these three packed days of conversation on science and consciousness. Sages and Scientists will explore responsible leadership, environmental sustainability, peace and justice, world transformation, and social and economic challenges, and will end with a summarization and creative solutions.

The Chopra Foundation is requesting a donation of $1,995—$1,000 of which is tax deductible—for general participation, after which registration will be complimentary. Contributions to the Symposium will be used to support collaborative research on the realization of consciousness, carry on the Foundation’s other charitable work, and pay expenses for the program.

Accommodations are available at The La Costa Resort and Spa. Please register online at and use the promo code #54E883 or call (800) 854-5000.

When making a reservation, please mention “The Chopra Foundation Sages and Scientists Symposium” to receive the special discounted rate: $169.00 per night. This rate excludes resort fees and taxes, and is based on availability.

In addition to the specified room rates, there will be an Automatic Daily Resort charge of $10, plus California Tourism Assessment Fee (which is currently 0.13% per room, per night), plus applicable taxes (which are currently 10%).

To obtain more information about The Chopra Foundation, please visit the Foundation’s website:

About the Chopra Foundation
The Chopra Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to improving health and well-being, cultivating spiritual knowledge, expanding consciousness, and promoting world peace to all members of the human family.

The organization’s mission is to participate with individuals and organizations in creating a critical mass for a peaceful, just, sustainable, and healthy world through scientifically and experientially exploring non-dual consciousness as the ground of existence and applying this understanding in the enhancement of health, business, leadership and conflict resolution.

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