LoanSafeMods Team Helps Save Homes from Foreclosure with the REST Report

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A newly released video review on the LoanSafeMods website shows how the REST can help those who are fighting foreclosure to get the modifications that they deserve. offers a number of resources to struggling homeowners who are looking for the best possible option when it comes to foreclosure alternatives. By providing the REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) as well as expert help from a team of homeowner advocates, LoanSafeMods has helped homeowners to save their homes even under some of the most seemingly hopeless circumstances.

One such homeowner who was able to save their home thanks to the REST Report and the LoanSafeMods team is Crystal. A newly released REST Report testimonial video posted on the website tells how Crystal found the solutions to her difficult loan modification ordeal.

Crystal fell onto hard times financially when her fiancée suddenly passed away and she also lost a job within a short period of time. Without the support she was used to, she knew that it was only a matter of time before she would be struggling to keep up with her monthly mortgage payments.

When she approached her bank to ask about a possible loan modification she was informed that it was a possibility but that she would have to default on her payments for five months so that her loan would qualify for the modification program. Crystal was hesitant to do this since she knew that it would hurt her credit rating, but presented with no other choice, she went along with the plan.

Unfortunately things did not go quite a smoothly as she had hoped. Crystal says in the review video that she started having a difficult time as soon as she finished her five months of not paying her dues and then tried to apply for the modification.

She says that her bank kept stalling her request and asking her to send in more documents or even resend documents that they had lost track of at the bank. This was very frustrating and stressful for Crystal.

On top of that, she says, because she had not paid for five months, her bank was able to start foreclosure proceedings. She says in her video that one of the scariest moments was when she woke up to find a Notice of Sale taped to her door.

Within a few weeks she was getting calls from realtors telling her that her only option was a short sale and people were coming over to take photographs of her property. Crystal did not see how this could end well.

Fortunately, Crystal found the REST Report from She realized after reading the results that she had many more options than the bank was telling her she had. Finally after months of fear and uncertainty, Crystal resubmitted her modification request with the REST analysis results and within a matter of weeks she had the modification approved.

Now Crystal can afford to keep her San Diego home since the mortgage modification lowered her monthly payments from $1,700 to just $728. She says in her review, “If you think you’re losing your home everything’s going down the drain. You don’t have a place to live, everything’s uncertain, you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring but once I had the report in my hand I knew that everything would be okay.”

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