LoanSafeMods’ Team Helps Assist Homeowners In Utilizing The REST Report To Avoid Foreclosure

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LoanSafeMods' experienced homeowner advocates can help walk desperate homeowners through the modification process and help them to utilize the REST Report. A newly released video shows some of the property owners who were able to save their homes thanks to these services.

The REST Report is a third party analytics tool that can help homeowners to find the best foreclosure alternatives to their mortgage situation. As a licensee of the REST (Real Estate Services And Technology) Report, has helped numerous property owners to save their homes from foreclosure by providing them with access to the REST Analysis and walking them through the modification process.

The REST can help people to find the modification programs that they qualify for and it can also show banks and loan servicers how and why the homeowners qualify for these modifications so that there are no delays and so homeowners are treated fairly. So far the REST has helped thousands of people to avail of the mortgage modifications that they deserve and save their homes. recently released a video review featuring a few of the homeowners who successfully utilized the REST to help them in each of their particular mortgage situations. Many of the scenarios were quite desperate, with some of them just inches away from losing their homes.

However, after a REST Analysis showing a qualifying result is submitted to the bank, the mortgage modification is usually approved in just a matter of months. In most cases this is a huge relief, as some of the property owners featured in the REST video review had been struggling with the mortgage modification process for months or sometimes even years.

Having a REST analysis done is one of the most powerful tools that homeowners have at their disposable because the information provided on the report is so accurate and trusted, even by lenders and government institutions, that it can be submitted as evidence in a court of law if the loan servicer refuses to grant a modification to a homeowner who clearly qualifies for one.

The new REST Review video can help currently struggling homeowners to understand how the report can help them in their desperate situations. The review includes stories from single parents, couples on the verge of retirement and those who have lost loved ones. Many property owners who are currently having problems keeping up with their mortgages can relate, as often it was some event such as a prolonged illness in the family or the loss of a job that caused them to get behind on their payments in the first place.

The REST Report is one of the most powerful tools people who have found themselves in this situation have at their disposal. Not only does it show them exactly what they qualify and eliminates the uncertainty and stress of applying for a mortgage modification blindly, but it also helps to add weight to an application and convince the servicer that the mortgage situation deserves approval of the modification request.

Utilizing the REST and the free counseling of the homeowner advocates at can turn around a hopeless situation and help families to save their homes. To find out more about how the REST Report works and how the team at can assist in the modification process, click here.

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