REST Report Reviews Give Hope To Struggling Homeowners

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New testimonial videos on show how the REST Report can help even with difficult mortgage modification situations.

As a licensee of the REST Report, has been helping struggling homeowners to understand how the third party analytics tool works and helping them to utilize it to find the best foreclosure alternatives to save their homes. The REST (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) has helped thousands of families to find out what their options are so that they can fight to save their homes or find the best alternative if this really is not possible.

One of the ways the LoanSafeMods team has decided to show homeowners on the verge of foreclosure what the REST is capable of is by regularly posting video testimonials from other homeowners who have used the REST. A number of these REST Report video reviews can be found on the main website as well as on the company’s YouTube channel.

Those who are not sure if the REST Report can help in their situation might be surprised to see what some of the homeowners in the testimonial videos went through before they finally found the REST Report. Many of the homeowners featured in the review videos were very close to losing their homes and had been trying to apply for mortgage modifications from their lenders without any success for months or even for years in some cases.

For example Ron, a single father of two who lives in San Diego and works as an EMT and who is featured in one of the review videos, was struggling to get his HAMP modification request approved with his bank for several years. He explains how frustrated he was when the bank kept telling him that he needed to resubmit paperwork. He says in his REST review: “Every time I would jump through one hoop for them they would toss up two more!”

Ron even tried to get help from a few other firms that promised him that they could get his loan modified. Instead they asked him to pay up front and when they were unable to make good on their promise, Ron lost that money. After three years of frustration, Ron was ready to give up. He was tired of living in fear and uncertainty.

He says in his video review: "What scared me the most about everything was, everyday, not knowing if someone was going to come knocking at my door telling me to get my stuff out. It was just me and my kids. We had no where else to go."

Luckily Ron found the REST Report through Within a few months of running the report and sending in the analysis with his modification request, his application was approved and Ron was able to rest easier knowing that he would not be out on the streets with his kids. The modification approved helped him keep his home by cutting his monthly payments nearly in half and also reducing his principle by nearly $360,000.

But as great as Ron’s story is and as unbelievable as it may be to some people, it is not at all unique. Thousands of homeowners who had lost hope of ever saving their homes have been able to to do just that with the help of the REST Report. For more information on how the report works and to view the review videos, visit

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