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A new blog post on gives tips on what should be covered in a restaurant manual.

A restaurant manual is a useful tool that can help to define and document the tasks, responsibilities and expectations for the different types of employees involved in the operations of the restaurant business. There are many different job positions required for the smooth operation of the business, and a manual acts as tool that communicates the expectations of the restaurant owner or manager to the different staff members.

Aside from describing the required tasks that must be completed, this manual should also outline the mission and any goals of the restaurant. These goals will differ from restaurant to restaurant. However, doing this will help to give the employees a better picture of why the restaurant is run the way that it is and may even help them to take extra steps to better ensure that the goals of the restaurant are being met.

For example, perhaps the goal of the restaurant is to provide a happy, casual environment for their diners. This means that the wait staff might speak a little more informally and try their best to convey a happy ambiance and quick service. If the restaurant’s goal is to create a slow, quiet and romantic atmosphere, the dishes may be served with more time between courses and the wait staff may do their best not to draw to much attention and detract from the intimate atmosphere.

These are things that might not be “tasks” per se, but it is important to provide this information nonetheless. Aside from this the other tasks relating to each particular job description must be articulated so that the restaurant employees know what is expected of them. This not only serves to avoid confusion as to who is responsible for what, but it also makes it possible to address problem situations and hold employees accountable if they do not meet expectations.

Since all the information is clearly laid out for everyone to see in the restaurant manual, there is no excuse for infractions and employees cannot claim that they didn’t know. This manual can also benefit the employees, as it should include information on job benefits, compensation, paid leave, safety policies and vacation time.

It should also include policies on dress code, grooming standards, attendance and disciplinary actions. Both employees and employers benefit from knowing what the rules and regulations are and they will all be able to have more peace of mind when they are aware of the policies that are to be implemented.

A restaurant manual can help organize the business and facilitate the clear communication of responsibilities and expectations of both the employer and the employees. It can provide justification for disciplinary action and also protect employees from unfair or discriminatory division of duties. A full restaurant manual review on gives more information on how to create and develop a workable manual that will benefit the restaurant operators, employees, and most importantly, the restaurant customers.

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