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Personal Finance Expert Walter Edelstein has published new content that provides retirement advice on how consumers need to be wary of over-diversification in their retirement portfolio and banking advice on how to take precautions to ensure that mobile banking usage is safe. Financial Site Network Financial Site Network

Over diversification might actually be a negative in that it prevents you from focusing on the strongest performing market segments

Personal Finance expert Walter Edelstein, CFP® is providing updated financial information and advice on several important topics including retirement advice on how consumers should be wary of over-diversification of their retirement portfolio, and banking advice on security considerations when banking via a mobile phone. Personal Financial Site Network continues to provide consumers with free information and easy to implement practical ideas to help them achieve their personal financial goals. Following is a summary of some of the new articles published on Personal Finance Site Network.

The Danger of Over Diversifying Retirement Savings

Over the past few years the relative degree of “safety” that can be gained from broad diversification may not be as much as previously thought. In fact, according to Mr. Edelstein "over diversification might actually be a negative in that it prevents you from focusing on the strongest performing market segments." It’s a simple matter of math – the more investment holdings a consumer has, the less can be invested in a particular higher performing stock or fund.

In 2011, for example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained about 5.5%. But 40% of the stocks that comprise the Dow actually declined over the year. Over diversification occurs when the protection gained from adding another investment to the mix is outweighed by the risk of missing out by taking those funds away from a potential winning investment. This article outlines steps that can be taken to avoid over-diversification in a retirement portfolio.

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

Personal financial security is in the front of many people’s minds these days, and with good reason. Many consumers have experienced having a credit card or debit card number being compromised, and then spending much time and effort to restore whatever funds were taken from accounts. In some cases, it can take months or even years to clear up the damage that a compromised account may have caused to credit reports. "As more consumers access banking, checking and brokerage accounts through their smart phones and other mobile devices, they need to make sure that they are doing everything they can to keep those mobile banking transactions safe" according to Edelstein. This article discusses guidelines consumers should use when using mobile banking or brokerage services.

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Mr. Edelstein has financial experience that spans over thirty years. It includes being a Certified Financial Planner™, having a Master's Degree from Columbia University, and having served as Chief Marketing Officer for a major online bank where he honed his online marketing skills to help consumers achieve their financial goals. proudly reaches out with this network of personal finance websites to help individuals and families discover the path to financial knowledge.

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