Despite Logic, the Cell Phone Number Database Continues to Lure the Gullible

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Investigator says even much information to the contrary won't dissuade those compelled to try obtaining reverse lookup information through impossible means. The cell phone directory: the myth that keeps on living.

Perhaps that should read: the myth that keeps on taking.

Taking by fraud is what one licensed investigator says data brokers are doing to consumers. Promising that the requested reverse lookup information has been located, some information companies dangle an imaginary carrot in front of their customer’s faces just long enough to take their money, says writer, investigator and http// [] operator Mark McAlpin.

“If you spend any time on the web, you have certainly seen the ads promising reverse lookup number searches from a cell phone directory. The problem is, there is no cell number directory. And there are so many issues with creating one, that there probably never will be,” McAlpin said

Still, there are dozens of companies whose web site promise reverse search information allowing customers to subscribe for unlimited lookup searches from such a directory. Phone searches are popular web site offerings, as so many people want to find names and addresses and locate people for free. But despite the popularity of reverse lookup searches, the only way consumers can, at this point, find say, cell phone number search information is through investigative businesses that search for the info manually.

“This ‘access our database’ garbage is pure fraud; what’s worse is how they do it,” McAlpin explains.

“These businesses advertise as doing the impossible, to pique the customer’s interest. The web site usually loads a search screen whereon they enter the phone number to be searched. The screen then displays a “searching” icon followed by a false announcement that the lookup results have been found. The information is just a subscription payment away, they are told.

"At this point people can’t pay fast enough—their information is there and waiting for them, they are told. But as soon as the transaction is completed, a new search reveals that no results can be found for the phone number they searched. At this point the site they subscribed to often forwards them to some other, legitimate pay site. Customers rightly feel taken and assume the new search site is affiliated with the scam site. They sometimes waste a lot of time demanding refunds from the wrong company.”

So how do people avoid being taken in the reverse number search game? It is important to choose a legitimate provider of phone number research. Consumers need to ask a prospective skip tracing company what kind of information they will receive and whether the search in real-time or culled from some sort of so-called database.

“Any time a web page claims it is “searching” a database for phone lookup information, you need to close that window and keep looking,” McAlpin advises.

Sadly, people are naïve and just don’t realize how many scam sites claiming lookup ability there are out on the Web. If you want accurate information, you need to find an accurate source that will deliver what they promise. Anyone accessing a collection of old and stale data cannot guarantee search results. Real-time reverse lookup info is only going to come from a real investigative company willing and able to provide accurate phone search information.”

It is important to note the vast difference between information brokers who operate in an unlicensed and unregulated industry, and private investigators that search for their information as licensed and regulated businesses subject to discipline and oversight by their states or provinces. It is easy for a consumer to select a lower priced phone number search promising unlimited lookup possibilities by a shady info broker. Such is usually the situation that leads to a loss of money with no information to show for it.

Inversely, respected firms with some age to them, provide legitimate lookup services and have performed searches for their clients for years.

Like most web transactions, searching to find cell phone lookup subscriber information or any sort of phone, address or name lookup, the rule of thumb when searching for people is caveat emptor.

McAlpin's site, specializes in cell phone reverse lookup investigations, offering the number searches at one of the most affordable prices on the Web.


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