Entertainment Industry Ups the Ante in Legal Battle Against File Sharing Sites

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Rhever.com suggests closure of Torrentspy and ongoing court cases the first step in journey to premium file sharing.

File sharing and websites that offer warez and torrent downloads will always be under close legal scrutiny

Premium File Sharing company Rhever.com announced today its belief that public file sharing in its current form has run its course. Also known as peer-to-peer sharing (P2P), file sharing has become synonymous with pirated movies and CD's, with literally hundreds of websites allowing users to download the latest release, often before it receives its official release. Illegal and blamed by studios for falling profits, these websites are under constant legal action from the movie studios and music labels. Action that has seen one of the biggest names in the file sharing industry, Torrentspy, close down. According to Rhever, it is proof that the current P2P system needs to undergo a change.

"File sharing and websites that offer warez and torrent downloads will always be under close legal scrutiny," says a Rhever spokesman. "While the idea behind them is understandable - consumers unhappy with what they perceive to be rip-off prices for new movies and CD's - trying to overcome this illegally will only lead to ongoing battles with the industry regulatory bodies. The only way forward is through Premium File Sharing applications like Rhever. Unless file sharing sites take up this premium market, you will continue to see high-profile sites closing down, and probable prison sentences in the ensuing court cases."

The case of Torrentspy offers a prime example. Recognized as one of the most popular websites offering downloads via Bit Torrent software, with user numbers in the hundreds of thousands, Torrentspy closed its servers on March 24, 2008. It cited the legal climate in the US, as well as privacy protection for its users, as the main reason for its closure. Torrentspy's demise is one of the biggest victories for the Motion Picture Association of America - MPAA - in its ongoing battle with websites that offer pirated downloads of the newest releases. Although protracted, with new P2P websites opening constantly, it's a battle that the MPAA is determined to win. This is further highlighted by the tighter copyright restriction of videos uploaded to popular video sharing site YouTube.

The music industry is also fighting back against the illegal downloads of CD's. The Recording Industry Association of America - RIAA - has successfully sued 263 private users of file sharing sites. With information on over 20,000 more private individuals and court cases pending, the RIAA is determined to stamp out illegal file sharing sites and their members. One way that both the RIAA and the MPAA are successfully tracking users of illegal sites is by uploading their own releases to these sites under the guise of a normal member - anyone downloading the movie or CD subsequently has their IP details sent to the relevant association. The result is the current numerous lawsuits and legal action.

The lawsuits are obviously working - figures from respected industry analysts IFPI show that the use of illegal sites is dwindling in the light of potential criminal charges.

  • The European legal file sharing market has 5% of regular users compared to 4% of illegal users
  • Illegal file-sharing has dropped 35% in the last 12 months
  • 56% of new file sharers use legal sites

These figures offer substantial backing to the belief that the clock is ticking on illegal file sharing. Despite this, the increase in use of legal sites has arguably offered users fewer benefits than the use of illegal sites - slow download speed, limited bandwidth and file size. The need for a standardized premium service is clear. Premium File Sharing provider Rhever believes it has the answer.

Located in Corona, CA, Rhever is leading the way in premium file sharing using proprietary indexing technology. The company offers the fastest download speeds and largest file directory of any file sharing host.

Further details about Rhever are available at http://www.rhever.com.


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