Dr. Rian Maercks, a Sought-after Miami Beach Cosmetic Surgeon, Introduces Aesthetic Facial Balancing

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Rian Maercks has become a popular Miami Beach plastic surgeon by helping patients look as beautiful as they feel inside. Dr. Maercks explains the philosophy behind aesthetic facial balancing, his new concept for beautification and rejuvenation of the face.

Dr. Rian Maercks did wonders for my appearance and self-esteem!

Dr. Rian Maercks, a Miami native and gifted plastic surgeon, definitely skips to a different beat. First of all, this artist-turned-philosopher-turned surgeon has a history of pushing his studies to the limits and seeking excellence. Before starting a successful Miami Beach practice, he traveled all over the world to work, learn, teach and practice with the leaders of craniofacial, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. When asked why he spent so much time at his own expense caring for complex craniofacial reconstruction patients, his reply is simply “If I didn’t, there is no way I would be the plastic surgeon that I am today.” Dr. Maercks explains that there is no difference between aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. “When I have a youthful, healthy happy patient in my office that feels that the face they see in the mirror looks too old for how they feel inside, my job is to restore their youthfulness and beauty and sometimes even exceed their lost beauty. When I am creating an eye, nose or face on a deformed child or trauma victim it is the same.” Dr. Maercks explains that every human face has some inherent beauty, however most faces are not “harmonized.” The features of the face must complement each other, according to Maercks.

When asked why he feels there needs to be a new title on his sought after facial interventions he quickly responds “because wrinkles are not high priority aesthetic problems!” Maercks explains that everyone is running around trying to figure out what new product or intervention will remove this wrinkle or that line and completely missing aesthetic priority number one: facial form. Dr. Maercks draws on his rich background in philosophy, psychology and the science of human perception as well as Platonic concepts of beauty to leverage his diverse aesthetic and craniofacial background to “sculpt beauty” back into his patients’ faces. While some may find Maercks philosophically heavy, no one can argue with his results, faces that puzzle the viewer by how good they look without any suggestion of what was done. Dr. Maercks passionately explains the “negative space” and light reflexes that he works with to create these transformations, but his transformations still mystify. “I don’t just fill up the cheeks like a balloon creating a strange alien-lion appearance that we see in the media and public so frequently.” The secret behind aesthetic facial balancing appears to be in Dr. Maercks’s inherent understanding and vision for beauty and his art and craft. Either way we’ll take it!

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