Relationship Expert Asks Women to be Conscious About how Rich a Man is before Marriage

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Relationship communications expert advises women thinking about marriage to consider how rich their significant other is first.

look to have a relationship with a man who is rich spiritually and in heart.

A relationship communications expert has advised to all women who are hoping to get married in the future to first think about how rich their partner must be before saying those sacred two words at the alter.

Marjorie Janczak, a passionate consultant, wife and a mother of two said this has been the mistake made by all women whose marriages have ended up in separation or divorce.

Speaking with much passion, as usual, about the issue Janczak said, “Women are delicate creatures and need to handle themselves with all care and sensitivity before thinking that some other external creature can handle them likewise.”

Explaining further, Janczak said landing a financially rich man is good but most importantly “look to have a relationship with a man who is rich spiritually and in heart. “ In such a man, you are guaranteed an endless treasure of warmth, generosity and care, till death do you really part.”

Among the qualities of a rich man, Janczak suggested loyalty, supportive, self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others, optimistic, good tempered, loving, sensitive, among others. In addition, all these can only be if a person has good manners.

“Seeking spiritual riches first in a man manifests material wealth in the end because both partners in the relationship will, support each other’s dreams, out of true love,” said Janczak. “With a positive spirit that binds them together that spirit facilitates their ability to freely maximize and realize their potential.”

However, she warned that unless the woman is also rich in character she must not even dream of attracting a rich man and starting a relationship with him.

In expressing what she meant by that Marjorie said “if you ain't got it, you ain't gonna get it!” Marjorie appealed to all women to heed to the saying that the rich shall become richer and the poor shall become poorer.

Janczak noted that if all women give this a try the rate of divorces and separation will drastically be reduced and the world would be a peaceful and progressive place to live because there will only be strong families and that would convert to strong, peaceful and progressive societies.

Janczak concluded that if all women wake up to their positions as the movers and shakers of the world and act responsibly, they will positively influence the world and many social vices that prevail today could be eliminated.

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About Marjorie Janczak:
Marjorie Janczak is a relationship communications expert helping individuals and businesses leverage the power of communications to achieve success.

She is a mother, wife and a leader par example. She directs individuals on how to do things right, but also brings reality and practical examples to bear in both her family life and her role as a motivational coach, speaker and advisor. All of these traits are evident in her consultations including this unique e-coaching on how to have relationships and attract the love of your life:

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