RightChange.com (Right Change) “Call Me Senator,” Video from David Zucker Hits 2 Million Viral Views - Among Top Political Viral Videos for 2010 Midterm Cycle.

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The organization RightChange, Inc., sets what may be new record for political viral video views for the 2010 Mid-Term election cycle. As of close of business 11/1/2010, Just 12 days after release the hit video from David Zucker “Call me Senator,” tops over 2M views online.

The organization RightChange, Inc., sets what may be a new record for political viral video views for the 2010 Mid-Term election cycle. As of close of business on 11/1/2010, Just 12 days after release the hit video from David Zucker “Call Me Senator” (Barbara Boxer Spoof) tops over 2M views online (YouTube Version Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixiYZ9DPk8o.) RightChange’s Oil Spill Video tops 1.5M views in 5 weeks during June and July 2010 http://vimeo.com/12933322 . In all RightChange has produced over 48 political videos and animations with over 5M views this cycle.

Further RightChange reports growing from 100 fans to over 834,000 fans in just 4 months placing it among the top political facebook audiences. Short of big personality sites such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the news networks CNN and Fox, RightChange has passed the field. RightChange has built one of the top online platforms heading into the 2012 Presidential Election Cycle.

We are thrilled to have achieved such incredible growth in such a short time and believe that the American People appreciate quality content that entertains and informs. To view all RightChange videos visit: http://www.rightchange.com/vids .

RightChange’s latest video release “1984 Big Brother” features a long list of cast members in their actual words, including Oprah Winfrey, Lois Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, Barack Obama and George Soros. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh7X3JAKOLs Obama is the Big Brother figure and speaks to the marching minions through television screens as they are brainwashed with rhetoric from the list of cast members. “1984 Big Brother“ also includes Maxine Waters in her own words saying she wants a government takeover of business. The 1984 George Orwell style brainwash is interrupted by an unnamed American heroine that resembles the one in the Apple commercial. She runs into the building to save America from a government takeover with a torch with “We The People” on it. “1984 Big Brother” could be the best Politizoid yet and encourages the American voter to “Vote Different.”

The video is timely to the American public given the polls are open today. RightChange.com provides great resources for voters, along with cutting edge video content on the topics of the day with edgy humor and using politicians' own words. To view other videos produced by RightChange visit http://www.rightchange.com/media/player for more details.

RightChange.com has built a really powerful technology platform, assembled a super-creative group of content producers and has rapidly grown to more than 834,000 active Facebook followers in just a few weeks. RightChange Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rightchange

About RightChange.com, Inc.

Founded in August 2008, RightChange.com, Inc., is committed to supporting policies and candidates dedicated to fiscal responsibility and a strong national security for the United States, while upholding the principles of freedom, competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.

RightChange is a new generation of conservative film, Hollywood, TV and technology professionals who are bringing a new approach to a predictable political methodology. Operating as both a 527 and a 501(c)4 organization, RightChange is illustrating just how significant and effective the use of cutting edge video content blended with social media web platforms, can penetrate voters with targeted and cost-effective relevant messaging. We use animation and non-traditional production techniques to provide independent and conservative voters with something more than the traditional political sound bite that is sometimes ignored.

RightChange.com, Inc. will continue to produce videos that engage the American people on the government agenda that is affecting key policy issues facing the entire country moving into and throughout the 2012 Presidential cycle.

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