RMiguel Coffee Introduces Monkey Parchment Coffee to the U.S.

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RMiguel Coffee is the first ever in the US to offer Monkey Parchment Coffee, which is currently the most expensive offering available in the US. Monkey Parchment, comes from the coffee beans that had been chewed on by Rhesus Monkeys in Chikmagular, India, and differs from other animal processed coffees of the past. Micro-produced, a very limited quantity is being offered.

RMiguel Coffee

The Monkey Parchment coffee comes from coffee beans that have been chewed on by Rhesus Monkeys that have enjoyed the sweet flavor of the coffee cherries throughout its existence in time.

Specialty coffee aficionados in America have the chance to get acquainted with the most unconventional and strikingly exotic Monkey Parchment coffee through RMiguel for the very first time. The Monkey Parchment coffee makes its US inauguration through RMiguel Coffee, which was previously only available in very few selective high-end cafes in Taiwan. The Monkey Parchment coffee takes everyone by surprise and raises eyebrows by its name alone, but the truly unprecedented uniqueness of the coffee is found throughout its entire production process.

It all begins with the Rhesus Monkeys in Chikmagular, India. "The Monkey Parchment coffee comes from coffee beans that have been chewed on by Rhesus Monkeys that have enjoyed the sweet flavor of the coffee cherries throughout its existence in time." Occupying the forests in India, Rhesus Monkeys have always leisurely dined on the ripest and sweetest examples they can find throughout coffee estates. "After chewing on the fruit for several minutes, they spit the coffee parchment covered seed out onto the forest floor. The next step is less leisurely and becomes trickier. Trained workers search the forest floors of Chikmagular to find the few seeds that the monkeys have chewed on." Those preciously left-over seeds are then thoroughly rinsed, washed, processed and dried.

The resulting raw coffee after the intricate sequence is a set of grey beans, embedded with occasional tooth marks, unlike the typical green color of regular raw beans. The Monkey Parchment is also quite distinct from other Indian Arabica coffee in taste, considering the specific enzymatic breakdown of the fruit that occurs in the monkeys' mouth.

Roast master R. Miguel Meza, despite his unyieldingly innovative approach to coffee admits, 'I was very skeptical of this coffee at first but was assured it was very good on a trip to India earlier this year. I eventually had the opportunity to try it and was shocked at what I tasted. Unlike the other animal processed coffee like Kopi Luwak, this was a coffee that was unusual from the rest and proved exemplary. It is by far the sweetest and most complex Indian Arabica coffee I have ever tasted. Monkey Parchment seems to run the whole spectrum of flavors found in coffee from citrus to nuts, chocolate, and vanilla. The coffee is extremely heavy bodied with a pleasant rounded acidity and seemingly no bitterness. Truly a unique treat.'

RMiguel Coffee has made the Monkey Parchment available in America for the first time, but in very limited quantities. Due to the lengthiness in time that it takes to collect any substantial amount of coffee, only a few hundred defined pounds were produced. "Exclusively with the Monkey Parchment Coffee, RMiguel paid over 50 times the market minimum to an individual coffee estate." The high payout brought in an opportunity to pave a way for farmers to search for new methods of producing top quality coffee and to be innovative themselves. By reinvesting into the farmers and their land, RMiguel is setting the precedence for a new qualitative approach that gives farmers the freedom to experiment with their own farming and quality control. As a result, 25, 4oz. tins of Monkey Parchment Coffee are available to be roasted. An exotic novelty unmatched without comparables in a category of its own, the Monkey Parchment is respectively the most expensive coffee currently sold in the US.

RMiguel Coffee, founded in 2007 is a project of Roastmaster R. Miguel Meza. From the start, RMiguel Coffee has broken records and reset standards within the specialty coffee industry with its offerings. "Stating quality as its end goal and emphasizing greatest attention to detail, RMiguel works directly with the small farmers and delivers hand-selected coffee to the consumers individually." RMiguel Coffee pushes coffee's degree of excellence by a bar far higher than the industry's status quo. The final delivery of RMiguel is its distinct quality offerings of specialty coffee that are handpicked, exclusively processed, and individually roasted for its discerning clients.


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