EMPLOYMENT TRAINING: Roxana Mayer Supports Expansion of Career Development and Job Training Programs

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A grant for two million dollars was just awarded to Pennsylvania career development and job training centers. Roxana Mayer, a Program Director of a similar center, believes that this money can make a large difference in the unemployment rate.

The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch.com recently announced the awarding of a two million dollar grant to Pennsylvania career development and job training centers. These funds will be used to assist job seekers in finding and securing employment. Roxana Mayer, the Program Director of JobNet, believes that this attention to job training and career development is key in fighting back against high unemployment rates.

Despite so many unemployed workers, jobs are available. However, many companies are finding it difficult to fill these jobs due to under qualified applicant pools. To combat this issue, Roxana Mayer asserts that education can help job seekers fill currently open positions. By expanding career development and job training programs with this grant, Highmark Inc. (the provider of the grant) can actually help decrease unemployment in the long run.

"Access to employment among underprivileged workers with significant barriers—limited education and experience, lack of transportation and childcare, language barriers, criminal backgrounds, disabilities, etc.—can be addressed through workforce development and training initiatives," commented Roxana Mayer.

These development and training initiatives are taught by non-profit organizations, such as JobNet and the Pennsylvania-based organizations receiving the grant. But Roxana Mayer cautions job seekers to pay attention to more than industry-related skills. Universal skills, such as communication, organization, and punctuality, may also need attention from these training programs.

"It's important, however, not to undercut the immediate need for coaching in 'soft skills': basic social norms such as showing initiative, body language, communicating clearly, personal grooming, getting to work on time, and other elements of impression management," stated Roxana Mayer. "These can often be addressed quickly and simply, yield immediate access to numerous jobs, and increase confidence and empowerment."

Roxana Mayer supports the expansion of career development and job training programs. She believes that, through these services, the unemployed population can access the resources it needs to secure the market's few open positions. While this is by no means a solution to unemployment as a whole, it is certainly a step forward in reducing the unemployment rate and allowing businesses to continue to run through the work of qualified employees.


The Program Manager of JobNet, Roxana Mayer is responsible for several different services that have been designed to help job seekers secure employment. Roxana Mayer focuses each of these services according to current market trends, creating updated resources. These services include computer classes, resume writing tips, interview preparation, and access to resources, such as professional attire, computers, printers, copiers, and more. Roxana Mayer encourages career development and training programs, as she understands the value of an up to date education on the job market.

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