New Weatherproof Infrared Cameras Designed to Thrive at -40 Below Zero

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The Vanguard Weatherproof Infrared Cameras from Rugged Cams, are built in a newly designed weatherproof, waterproof bullet camera housing that is sealed against moisture and dust, and is also heated to withstand cold environments down to -40º below zero. These tough, rugged Infrared cameras also have a unique built-in swing-out Junction Box mounted to the base, which makes installations easy, while producing professional results.

Vanguard Weatherproof Infrared Camera

Rugged Cams makes the toughest Weatherproof Infrared Cameras on the Planet.

Rugged Cams has been busy building a whole series of Weatherproof Infrared Cameras based on their newest bullet camera housing, the Vanguard Series.

The Vanguard Weatherproof Infrared Cameras are all built in the newly designed weatherproof, waterproof bullet camera housing that is sealed against moisture and dust, and are also heated to withstand cold environments down to -40º below zero. This revolutionary new housing can be mounted in any orientation, on any surface. The Vanguard series cameras come with built-in swing-out Junction Boxes attached to the base, which are perfect for hiding all the connections. These handy Junction Boxes come with two 3/4” Conduit fittings that make every installation look and act like a professional install.

Rugged Cams has already introduced two new cameras in this housing, and is soon to introduce a at least one more. The first camera that was built in the Vanguard housing, the Vanguard-700, is a 700 TV Line camera that delivers 30% more resolution via SONY's new 960H camera chipsets, which give you a 16:9 format picture that is 960 Horizontal Lines of Resolution wide, which is just shy of Megapixel width.

The next camera in the Vanguard series is the Vanguard-HD. This HD-SDI camera delivers sharp, clear, 2.2 Megapixel Video at 1080p (switchable to 720p as well). These new HD Bullet Cameras incorporate the latest technologies to produce fabulous video at HD resolution, and do it constantly, day in and day out, no matter the environment, no matter the weather. An IP Version of the Vanguard series cameras is also on the way.

Both versions, the 960H and the HD-SDI model, have a really useful, widely adjustable Varifocal Lens that adjusts all the way from 3.5mm to 16mm. This is fast becoming the new standard at Rugged Cams, because it allows this camera to be placed almost anywhere because of the wide zoom range of this lens.

The Vanguard infrared security cameras are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including rain, snow, ice and all types of dust commonly found in some factory environments. These Vanguard series cameras are the most advanced indoor/outdoor bullet cameras that Rugged Cams has ever produced.

The innovative design of the Vanguard Infrared Bullet Cameras features a tough, sealed, waterproof outer case. This hermetically sealed case has an ingress protection (IP) rating of 67, which means that they are totally protected against intrusions by water, chemicals and other liquids. Even solid particles as small as individual dust grains are no problem for this innovative indoor/outdoor infrared camera housing.

In addition to being completely waterproof and dustproof, the Vanguard Infrared Bullet Cameras can also withstand any environment Man or Mother Nature can dish out. Even extreme temperatures down to -40° below zero or as high as 160º F, are absolutely no problem with the Vanguard series because they have a built-in Fan & Heater to accurately control high and low temperatures very well. Both of these innovative bullet cameras also include an Anti-Fog setting that corrects the picture in low visibility conditions.

The Vanguard Infrared Bullet Cameras have a gasketed drop-down door underneath, that make it easy to access the Lens Adjustment knobs and the Menu Keypad Controller. There is also an extra Video Output for mobile monitors and CCTV Testers that allow Menu settings and lens changes right at the camera. Other settings, such as changing the on/off threshold for the Infrared Lamps, can be manipulated inside this handy water-tight door as well.

One of the best features of these indoor/outdoor dome cameras, is the Easy Pro Install System swing-out Junction Box, which can be used by anyone with basic mechanical skills to mount the camera just as well as any professional. This handy swing-out junction box allows the camera to be mounted in any direction and position. All your connections are weather and vandal protected with this innovative new built-in feature. The Vanguard series cameras can be mounted on a wall, a ceiling, a table or any other surface without a problem.

The Vanguard Weatherproof Infrared Cameras also have a dual-voltage power converter that accepts either 12V DC or 24V AC, and at wide voltage ranges, such as 10-30 Volts. This wide range works well with voltage swings at night when the Infrared Lamps come on, and also when used on mobile vehicles and equipment that commonly operate at DC voltages that swing above and below where most normal cameras can operate. In addition, the Vanguard cameras have 40 wide-angle, variable-power infrared lamps with Smart IR technology that give the cameras an effective outdoor Infrared Lighting range of at least 95', and an indoor range of more than 160'.

Best of all, both the Vanguard-700 and the Vanguard-HD Weatherproof Infrared Bullet Cameras, come with Rugged Cams' exclusive three-year warranty, as well as Tech Support for Life.

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Rugged Cams has been manufacturing and distributing digital security equipment since 1993. The company is located just outside Dallas, Texas, and is well known for its innovative, Patented products and security solutions.

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