In Pages Of The New Book Runaway Mind, My Own Race With Bipolar Disorder, People With Bipolar Disorder Or Those With Loved Ones Suffering Will Find Hope

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The new book "Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder", tells the story of Maggie Reese who was changed forever by a Bipolar mental illness. Once a care free talented young girl with high hopes for her life, who became a confused, violent, angry destructive mania cyclone. As circumstances appeared at their worst, hope for her life was found through the love of family, compassion of friends and locating the right medication. Over time Maggie learned how to live day by day with her Bipolar Disorder and create a happy and wonderful life.

Maggie Reese Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder

Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder

A person suffering from Bipolar Disorder can go away ... and come back to life again!

The story unfolds as told from the unique points of view of Maggie Reese and her mother, father, best friend, sister and other family giving you a clear movie like experience of what not only the individual with the Bipolar Disorder goes through but what the family must endure. There is hope! You will read how Maggie and her family and friends overcame the illness, grew together, learned to live with the disorder and the many skills they would needed to continue to find the hope and inspiration that allow them to lead a happy and fulfilled life even to this very day.

Discover how Maggie became a high school and college cross country track star on a full-ride scholarship when just like a shot at the beginning of a track meet, my own race with the Bipolar Disorder began. Little did she know that the only thing her cross country running speed would help her with was to escape from a maximum security mental institution! Maggie's "lows" were full of anxiety and pain followed by "highs" which seemed to be pure magic. Her loving parents, fearing for her safety, hired bodyguards to try to protect her from not only herself but the predators that surrounded her in her life.

As you enjoy the journey in "Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder" you begin to have a clear picture of the actual mania side of Bipolar Disorder instead of the depression side of the Bipolar Disorder as found in most similar books. Runaway Mind is available today at

This book is a must read for anyone living with or associated with someone with the Bipolar Disorder.

Living every day with the Bipolar disorder can mean amazing creativity for Maggie who seems to can get so much done with such energy! Then there are projects that never seem to get finished and knowing possibly tomorrow might bring a deep sadness. The side effects of medications may just put a wet blanket on her day with nausea and illness. In each day there is a dark secret in the back of her mind, the knowledge that an episode could happen again, if not for the medication, a bipolar maniac episode that would take away her happiness, family and her life.

At long last when she finally started on the long road to recovery, Maggie discovered that she could relay upon, trust and have faith in her last bodyguard. True love did find Maggie and she can truly say that she married her bodyguard!

But to get the full story you will need to read the book!

Maggie Reese, the author of the book “Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder”, wrote this book with the vision of helping to give hope to others living with the Bipolar Disorder like herself and give their families and friends hope that a person with this mental illness can lead a normal productive life.

Bipolar Disorder, today it is a buzz word in the news and media for right now for over 3 percent of the population suffers from this mental illness whose onset is almost always during the fragile teenage years. The only books you seem to find are dry, clinical accounts of sad, mad, lost people. Not full of exactly encouraging words for a Mom and Dad desperately clutching at straws for their child. Today Maggie Ressse holds true to her vision to change the stigma of Bipolar Disorder and to help families understand what their child is going through and discover hope that there can be a future filled with possibilities.

Her memoirs prove that a person suffering from Bipolar Disorder can go away ... and come back to life again.

The International Bipolar Foundation nominated and approved Maggie Reese to be on their Executive Board and she is the recipient of the 2011 Young Advocate of the Year Award presented by N.A.M.I. of San Diego.

Help Maggie plant the seeds of hope for those living with and affected by the Bipolar mental disorder, order the book or learn more about Maggie Reese at, read her daily blog Maggie’s Runaway Mind world at, follow her and post questions at She can be heard monthly on her show Runaway Mind on Blog Talk Radio interviewing her guests in a fun and honest style.


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