Why Do Americans Pay More for Prescription Drugs Than Anyone Else?

Access to safe and affordable pharmaceuticals is a natural right for all Americans. RxRights, a new advocacy website, exposes the price discrepancies of brand name and generic prescription drugs and the schemes behind the price war.

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Nexium is one of the top commonly prescribed medicines in the US. According to IMS Health

Americans pay, on average, twice as much as people in other industrialized countries

Washington, DC (Vocus) May 26, 2010

RxRights is dedicated to raising the awareness of American consumers about our options for safe and affordable online and Canadian prescription drug sources.

Despite all of the benefits that the US scientific community, medical innovation and the incredible health care industry provides Americans, on average we pay twice as much for prescription medicine as most industrialized countries. For instance, pharmaceuticals in New Zealand can cost up to four times less than equivalent prescriptions in the US. Closer to home, Canadian pharmacies can offer the prescription drugs at prices up to 50 percent lower than their US counterparts.

On March 17, 2010, US Senator Herb Kohl sent letters to the makers of the twelve most-prescribed drugs in the United States, asking them to explain why Americans pay an average of twice as much for prescription drugs as other industrialized nations. “Americans pay, on average, twice as much as people in other industrialized countries,” Chairman Kohl states in the letter.

We are a group of activists, bloggers and everyday people, just like you, who are fed up with prescription drug price fixing. RxRights blows the whistle on unfair business tactics and governmental control that force you to pay more for your prescription drugs. For too long, pharmaceutical companies have made hundreds of billions of dollars from us. With your help, we can expose this corrupt industry.

Let's face it, the big drug companies are forcing us to take a bitter pill that's too hard to swallow. In 2008 alone, the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies made over $724,456,000,000… that's right, over $724 billion.

We are against internet censorship and the control big corporations like Google have over us on the world wide web.

We are against price fixing and other tactics like "pay to delay” that rip us off.

We are against the US government's “back-room deals” with big drug makers.

We are against billion dollar corporations controlling how much we pay for life saving drugs.

Together, we will fire-up our network of online activists and bloggers that will tell the real story to protect our rights to pay a fair price and buy prescription drugs from wherever we want to.




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