Famous Addiction Specialist Endorses Saint Jude Retreats; The Alternative To Rehab

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Dr. Stanton Peele; a true fan of the Saint Jude Program's approach to changing the industry of alcohol and drug treatment and "addictions." Unlike traditional alcohol/drug treatment, the Saint Jude Program® is the original Non 12 step residential program that exposed the ineffectiveness of traditional treatment such as Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12 step offshoots in the rehab industry.

St Jude Retreats
Dr. Peele's research was instrumental in providing a much needed voice and foundation for an alternative to treatment to grow and subsequently prosper.

Saint Jude Retreats, the founding organization of the first Non 12 step program for individuals seeking an alternative to alcohol and drug rehab solutions, announced today an endorsement from Dr. Stanton Peele. Dr. Peele, a famously known addiction specialist and psychologist, fully recommends St. Jude Retreats to anyone looking for a practical solution to a substance use problem. Stanton Peele has dedicated a considerable amount of his life proving that alcohol and drug "addictions" are not diseases but rather a lifestyle choice made by that individual. His research on substance use correspond with the findings of St. Jude's. From 1988 through 1998 a massive research project headed by St. Jude’s exposed the ineffectiveness of the traditional 12 step support meeting model.

Mark Scheeren, Chairman and Co-Founder of Saint Jude Retreats, is excited about the endorsement. Scheeren quotes, " Dr. Peele’s research was instrumental in providing a much needed voice and foundation for an alternative to treatment to grow and subsequently prosper. We here at St. Jude’s feel honored to have his endorsement of our non-disease, non-treatment programs, and are grateful for the increased public awareness of the St. Jude Program® based on his enthusiasm.”

Saint Jude's created a true non 12 step program model that remains the leader in verified abstinent rates. The debate on traditional theories of alcohol addiction and alcohol rehab continues as society commonly refers to alcohol use as a "disease." The St. Jude Program does not refer to substance use as an "addiction" or "disease" but rather a choice that is overcome by self-empowerment.

Peele quotes, "For me, the only effective non-disease program--both residential and distance learning--available on a national scale is the one at St. Jude. This is the program that captures the essence of the non-disease approach--that people succeed through their own motivation to overcome addictions."

Through independent studies, Saint Jude’s has found that the "disease concept" contributes to continuing failure among users. “In 1989 when I began my career as a researcher in human behavior and the study of substance use, Dr. Peele was one of only a handful of professionals that was not a believer in the disease of addiction concept, and demonstrated through his books and research a common sense alternate view towards the substance use issues in our nation," says Scheeren. "In those days, the treatment industry was still riding the powerlessness wave that Alcoholics Anonymous created decades before. This type of ineffective and damaging treatment was expanding and was continuing to go down the path to victimizing millions across the globe," Scheeren adds.

Peele through decades of research has found his own issues with traditional treatment that match Scheeren’s view. "The problem with the 12 step approach begins with powerlessness, obviously. In what sense can telling people that they are powerless possibly help them? More than dispiriting them, it attacks their whole being--in a way, it acts like the addiction does!" says Peele.

Dr. Peele has been a featured guest on Oprah, Bill O' Reily and Fox & Friends in addition to writing numerous books regarding substance use solutions and addiction. He has written articles for numerous magazines and scientific journals. Today he actively contributes articles to Psychology Today and the Huffington Post.

About Saint Jude Retreats: Saint Jude Retreats (http://www.soberforever.net) is a drug and alcohol social education center headquartered in Amsterdam, New York. It is an effective alternative to alcohol rehab and drug treatment centers. Saint Jude Retreats has been helping people overcome alcohol and substance use through Cognitive Behavioral EducationSM (CBE) since opening its doors in 1992. CBE and the Saint Jude Retreats program are endorsed by alcohol and drug program internationally acclaimed professionals, such as Dr. Stanton Peele, PhD, Prof. Emeritus David Hanson, PhD; Prof. David Rudy, PhD; Dr. Joy Browne and the late Joseph Vacca, PhD, among others.

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