One Man’s Quest for Santa Helps All

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Necessity is the mother of invention and the proof is the creation of one woman’s site, Victoria McCraw says the idea of offering a site that only sold Santa Suits came to her after a fluke one Christmas.

Necessity is the mother of invention and the proof is the creation of one woman’s site, Victoria McCraw says the idea of offering a site that only sold Santa suits came to her after a fluke one Christmas.

“My husband and I thought it would be a nice surprise if he dressed up like Santa for our annual Christmas party several years ago. The only problem was he waited until a week before Christmas to buy or rent a costume.”

She says he searched all over and nearly gave up hope. He tried one last location and got lucky…sort of. He found a Santa suit at a drug store, one a size too small and too short for his six-foot frame, but he bought it nonetheless.

“He also bought $1.00 items,” explains McCraw, “and when the day came we had to squeeze him into this tiny Santa suit so he could hand out the presents to the kids. He was quite a sight but the kids didn’t care. They absolutely loved it and my husband positively glowed. It was only a small toy, but you’d think that the kids got a X-Box. The size of the gift didn’t matter, because it came from Santa. Even the older kids got into the fun of the night, which surprised all of us.”

After the party was over, the McCraw’s were comparing notes on the whole experience. They wondered how many other people were in their shoes, looking for a Santa Suit on short notice. They also mentioned it would have been great if they might have been able to find a Santa suit seller online.

“At that point my husband and I looked at each other knowingly and was born. We had the power to save people from the headache of scrambling around looking for suits if all we did was sell and stock Santa suits for customers.”

The first year they went on Ebay and after much success they opened their own online store. McCraw says the site has earned them some money but more than that, it’s brought them a larger amount of joy.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels when people write us to say we ‘saved them’, that they had nowhere to turn and without the service they would have been stuck ‘suitless’. We know first hand how that feels. Some people put it off until the last minute. Some folks don’t have the money immediately because buying gifts comes first. Others might not live in an area that has suits available. Regardless of the reason, we’ve managed to help people create the same kind of wonderful Christmas’ we’ve enjoyed and that was our goal that continues to this day.”

McCraw says the site contains suits of all different types – from standard, affordable costumes to very elaborate Santa garments.

“Some people just need the basics while other folks want to go all out when it comes to dressing like Santa. With our site we provide every type of suit so people can find something that meets their budget or their expectations.”

Now that they’re running a successful website does her husband still work as Santa each year?

“Absolutely, he loves the job. Plus, the new generations in the family are getting older and more excited about the holidays. He’ll always play St. Nick but as for me, Mrs. Claus, I’ll help keep tabs to make sure other Santa’s aren’t left behind without anything to wear.”

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